Five Movies to Watch Instead of “Fifty Shades Darker”

Despite the truly awful 2015 adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” audiences are being handed the sequel to the erotic stinker next month with “Fifty Shades Darker.” Sure to attract its hardcore following and some surefire curious audiences, rather than pumping more money in this pseudo-erotic wannabe arthouse junk, I thought I’d suggest five titles you can watch instead. These are five very erotic and entertaining films that explore the ideas of BDSM and sado-masochism, I suggest experimenting with over the watered down dreck hitting theaters in February.

Secretary (2002)
Directed by Steve Shainberg
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An erotic and darkly demented movie, James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal are very good as two people who form a passionate love affair around their sado masochistic relationship. Gyllenhaal’s character Lee is an oppressed young girl who begins working for E. Edward Grey who takes to Lee immediately. Soon after an incident involving a vicious spanking when she misspells a letter he intended to send out, they form an affair and romance where Lee and Edward realize how much their fetish and lifestyle fuels each other. “Secretary” is always interesting and erotic, as well as possessing an interesting sense of humor, including a rather enticing final scene.

Graphic Sexual Horror (2009)
Directed by Barbara Bell, Anna Lorentzon
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This independent documentary focuses on artist Brent, who was one of the creators of the website Said website was notorious and popular for binding and gagging models, all of whom submitted themselves to horrific torture. Some of them would apply hot pepper cream to their privates, while others are submitted to being submerged in to water only to surface upon Brent’s permission. With a lot of graphic imagery of sexual assault, and elaborate sexual performance, “Graphic Sexual Horror” examines sado-masochism, the lengths we’ll go to to create art, and where art can end and pure human cruelty can begin.

Score (1972)
Directed by Radley Metzger
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Radley Metzger’s “Score” is very similar to “Cruel Intentions” where we’re drawn in to the lives of a long married couple Jack and Elvira who indulge in sexual conquests for thrills. After meeting tourists Betsy and Eddie who are touring the European city of Leisure, the couple bet that they can seduce the significant others before midnight. Quickly Elvira begins working on seducing Betsy, which will then allow Jack to seduce Eddie. “Score” is a very erotic adult drama with myriad memorable and titillating scenes, and is also one of the first dramas to explore bisexual relationships and affairs. The “Hardcore” cut also features extended and raw scenes of Elvira and Betsy, and Eddie and Jack engaging in hardcore sex.

The Slave (1969)
Directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile
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Also known as “Check To The Queen,” Pasquale Festa Campanile’s drama is very much about a sado-masochistic relationship between two women that gradually transforms in to lesbian domination. Young Silvia is hired to become the slave for super model Margaret mevin, who delights in torturing her servants with very elaborate and stressful demands. Despite the warning Margaret is very demanding, Silvia signs up to become Margaret’s slave and soon Margaret’s demands for Silvia become much more elaborate, and much more demeaning, as Margaret seems desperate to break Silvia’s devotion to her. Is Margaret merely angered at Silvia’s determination, or is she falling in love with her subservient employee?

Unfaithful (2002)
Directed by Adrianne Lyne
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I’m by no means a fan of Adrianne Lyne’s films, but “Unfaithful” is one of the most erotic movies about an ill fated affair ever made. Diane Lane is at her peak here as vivacious and restless Connie who inexplicably decides to have a torrid affair with a local artist. What starts as something of a fling transforms in to Connie sabotaging literally everything in her life and self destructing all for the sake of great sex. The film takes a very dark turn by the finale adding reasonable fall out to the actions of a very selfish character. There are some very erotic moments on display, including a great confrontation in a stairwell.