80’s Beat: 8 Movie Collection (DVD)

For fans of eighties cinema, Mill Creek Entertainment offers up a collection of eight noteworthy eighties movies on DVD for the more cost conscious collector. Among the eight films in the collection is 1990’s “Flatliners.” The David Cronenberg supernatural drama about a group of medical students exploring the effects of near death experiences stars Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, and Julia Roberts, respectively. James Woods and Robert Downey Jr. co-star in the 1989 drama “True Believer,” about an embittered lawyer who re-opens an old murder case with a young lawyer, unraveling a web of corruption, and conspiracies.

1985’s “The New Kids” is one of the more unique thrillers starring James Spader, as a psychopath who torments a very young Lori Loughlin when she garners his unwanted attention. “Little Nikita” from 1988 stars River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier in a PG drama about a young teenager who discovers his parents were undercover Russian spies pretending to be American. “The Legend of Billie Jean” from 1985 is another great drama thriller, and childhood favorite, starring Helen Slater as young Billie Jean, a girl who is set up for a crime when she confronts a father of a young delinquent who destroys her brother’s motorcycle. Anxious and scared, Billie and her brother Binx (Christian Slater) go on the run across the country with their best friends running in to adventure, and accidentally becoming cult heroes. “Private Resort” from 1985 stars a very young Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow, as two college students who crash a private resort hotel during spring break.

While there they run in to all kinds of hijinks and mishaps, including an insanely sexy Leslie Easterbrook. “Like Father Like Son” from 1987 is the classic body switch drama comedy starring Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore, as a father and son who learn what hell the other goes through after change bodies and experience love, life, and the turbulence of the eighties. I fondly remember watching this movie so many times as a kid since I was a Kirk Cameron fan. Yes, I was a Kirk Cameron fan, look away. Finally, there’s 1990’s “Side Out” starring C. Thomas Howell and Courtney Thorne-Smith. Howell plays Monroe, a guy who engages in a volley ball tournament with local player Zack Barnes to win the championship. Despite being rivals upon meeting, they form a bond as underdogs of the sport anxious to win.

The DVD comes with no extras, but the DVD cover can be reversed and hung up as a full color pin up poster of dreamy teen star Johnny Depp. Good luck getting an acting job after “Nightmare on Elm Street,” you long haired punk.