Dangerous Worry Dolls (2007)

dangerous-worry-dollsLife is funny. One moment you’re in prison being beaten up, the next moment you’re having a miniature skull growing out of your forehead. “Dangerous Worry Dolls” is a silly, dumb, and very unscary take on the further obsession of mini monsters doing dangerous things by Charles Band. You have to give it to the man, he always finds a way to squeeze in miniature monsters on to film and look for new and unique ways to make them villains. “Dangerous Worry Dolls” is terrible, but at least Band has a new and unique idea for making mini-monsters become the villain for a movie that looks like it was made on a budget of ten dollars.

Eva is a prisoner in what is obviously a warehouse made to look like some kind of prison facility. Every day Eva is tortured by other prisoners and is disrespected by the warden who has an odd hatred for folks she calls “Trailer Trash.” After being tortured by one of the two Corrections Officers that watch over the whole prison, Eva has a visit with her daughter and mother. There her daughter gives her a box of small dolls called “Worry Dolls.” Every night if she gives them her worries they’ll take them away. Where did the girl get them, and from whom? I don’t know, we wouldn’t have a movie without this plot device. Before long Eva is using the dolls and sleeping with them under her pillow and they begin making her feel great.

She’s bolder, stronger, more aggressive and before long begins murdering her rivals and enemies around the prison. Also there’s a small monster burrowing from out of her forehead for some reason that saps the life force of others. “Dangerous Worry Dolls” feels so cobbled together in such a small time. Someone wanted to do a prison movie with lesbian overtones, Charles Band wanted a movie with small monsters, and they met down the middle. They even include a lot of ridiculous moments, including a really moronic plot twist involving the abusive Corrections Officer who delights in raping women in his basement/dungeon. It’s not often you’ll watch a horror movie set in prison about a girl using a small brain monster to give her the strength to murder her enemies.