Five Items on Our Movie Buff Holiday Wish List

trilogia-de-guillermoIt’s that time of year again, and as always we have a mile long list of movies and pop culture items that we want to add to our collection. Since you’re anxious to know what we have on our wish list this year (come on, admit it), we thought we’d post a snippet of movie items that we’d love to have on our shelves to entertain us in to 2017.

While we do indeed review movies for certain companies, the views expressed in this list are 100% our own. However, if you want to give us a holiday reward, don’t hesitate to buy your favorite titles through these links, allowing us a royalty to help pay for the site and whatnot.

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Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993) – Lionsgate/Vestron Video
Brian Yuzna’s underrated sequel takes the zombie series in a new direction and finishes the trilogy. No parts four and five don’t count. Either way, this sequel expands on the Tina and Freddy centering on a pair of star crossed lovers. When Curt and girlfriend Julie get in a horrible motorcycle accident, Curt revives Julie with the help of Trioxin gas. Self loathing and filled with an insatiable hunger, Julie seeks to ease her pain by bodily mutilation and eating the brains of anyone she meets. As Curt tries to keep her humanity in tact, the pair has to face off against the fall out of Julie’s zombified victims. I would have suggested the original film now available from Shout! but everyone has that release. This deserves another chance for its sincere attempt at an emotional narrative, and some neat callbacks to the original film.

Trilogía de Guillermo del Toro – Criterion Collection
Criterion releases the definitive edition of three of director Guillermo Del Toro’s most acclaimed and beloved horror fantasy films of all time. While I’ve never seen “Cronos,” admittedly, it’s a unique fantasy horror film that’s still discussed and helped make Ron Perlman one of Del Toro’s favorite collaborators. There are also brand new editions of the gripping drama thriller “The Devil’s Backbone,” and Del Toro’s war time dark fantasy masterpiece “Pan’s Labyrinth.” All three films are given restorations, and garner a ton of new features Along with the movies are storyboards, notebooks, programs, Production notes for “Cronos,” and a 100-page hardcover book featuring an introduction by author Neil Gaiman and essays by critics Michael Atkinson, Mark Kermode, and Maitland McDonagh, along with production notes and sketches by del Toro and illustrators Carlos Giménez and Raúl Monge.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – Tweeterhead Publishing
The Mistress of the Dark has reigned supreme for over thirty years, and has left a long and lasting legacy in the horror world. With her bountiful bosoms and charming charisma, Elvira has been a staple of horror and fantasy for a long time. This book is filled with full colored photographs chronicle her long and legendary career, and despite the hefty price tag promises a unique look at Cassandra Peterson’s character. Now how about special editions of Elvira’s feature films?

Beauty and the Beast (1991) – 25th Anniversary Edition – Walt Disney Studios
Gearing us up for the impending release of the big budget feature film adaptation, Disney unleashes this wonderful edition of their version of “Beauty and Beast” for fans of all kind. This edition comes with three cuts of the original animated movie. There’s the original theatrical cut, the extended cut with brand new scenes added and some new musical numbers, and a Sing Along cut for hardcore fans and children. There are also a slew of special features.

The Ultimate Laika Collection Universal Studios
Laika has been great about delivering some of the most unique, touching, and awe inspiring animated adventures in modern film. While Pixar, Disney, and Studio Ghibli get a lot of the headlines, Laika is also providing young audiences with complex entertainment with substance and originality. The four movie set comes with “The Boxtrolls,” the Neil Gaiman fantasy “Coraline,” the touching “Paranorman,” and the 2016 critical favorite “Kubo and the Two Strings.” This four pack of movies isn’t just suitable for kids, but they have substance, staying power, and actually make deep statements about humanity and family.