Gary from Accounting (2016)

garyfromaccounting“Gary from Accounting” sets the stage for the ultimate in awkward encounters where a mix up transforms in to basically a life crisis. After being invited to co-worker Nathan’s house, Gary from Accounting finds out that his wife Hannah, and her friend are staging an intervention to get him in to rehab for his alcoholism. What’s worse is that Gary wasn’t even invited and Nathan’s closest friend, coincidentally named Gary was the one actually invited for very crucial get together.

Despite the mix up, Nathan arrives home to find his family and Gary and events take an odd turn. “Gary from Accounting” could very well have fallen in to the pit of a sitcom misunderstanding, but the performances and circumstances that make Nathan realize he has a problem are hilarious. Phoebe Torres’ writing is sharp and witty and “Gary from Accounting” ends as a very memorable short comedy with great performances all around.

You wouldn’t think the odd mention of a popular show being used as a plot device would result in a raucously funny running gag, but here it’s just a success. The cast are dynamite, including Timothy Cox, Jake Lipman, and Thea McCartan, respectively. Mark Grenier is particularly funny as Gary, the accidental part in a very important conflict who can either run away or steer the ship in the right direction. Dan Lofaso’s short comedy is a brisk and funny comedy with a great idea, and a really strong delivery of a joke. I hope to see more from him in the future.