6 Shorts Perfect for Halloween

yummymeatSo you’re getting ready for a Halloween party and don’t have time for a feature but would like to watch something to set the atmosphere for yourself or you just want to watch some bite-size entertainment. So, in that spirit, here are a few great shorts for the season.

A Tricky Treat (2015)
A very short short showing a family getting ready for Halloween while upholding their gory family traditions. Written by Kamal John Iskandar and directed by Patricia Chica, this one is funny, gory, and sweet in its own way. It’s difficult to say much more about it without giving the whole 3 minutes away, watch it for yourself as it is available for the next few days here (October 29th to November 1st).
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Night of the Slasher (2016)
This short about a girl purposefully committing all horror films sins to call a slasher to her house is shot in one, yes just one, continuous shot.  The way the story deals with horror film tropes in a humorous and funny way while being a good send-up of those films works great here.  Writer/director Shant Hamassian works well with the one-shot film and genre tropes that are often over done with a couple of unfortunate moments where it’s hard to see what is going as the camera moves too much. However, the rest of the film looks great while making very good use of the house its shot in.  The cinematography by Eli Tahan looks good while framing the lead in an enticing and appealing way.  This lead is aptly played by Lily Berlina as Jenelle, the heroine.  She shows spunk and a knack for putting a spin on the typical slasher victim.  In the part of the killer, Adam Lesar has a good physical presence and sense of timing.  Night of the Slasher is a fun send-up of its genre with an interesting twist to things.
You can watch it here.
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Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol (2015)
On Halloween night, a dentist settles in after giving kids special treats.  One adorable little boy stops by and insists on getting something yummy to eat.  Written by Sean Decker and directed by John Fitzpatrick, this short is fun and gory.  The cast, led by Miracle Laurie as the dentist Amber, has an adorable Little Wolf aptly played by Lucas Jaye and a werewolf played by Lou Ferrigno Jr. who’s appropriately imposing and scary.  The creature effects by Dan Crawley and the special makeup effects by Julia Hapney look great while not skimping on the gore.  Yummy Meat is one of those shorts that looks good, has more than enough gore for a short film, has good performances, and has just the right amount of atmosphere to set the tone for a frightfully fun Halloween night.
You can watch it here.

Dead Hearts (2014)
The adorable take of a young mortician willing to do a lot to find the love of his life.  Written and directed by Stephen W. Martin, this story is sweet and morbid all at once with adorable characters that are not annoying.  In the lead of Milton, Valin Shinyei does well with the somewhat mature part he is given.  As the love of his young life Lola, Dalila Bela is cute and a little spunky.  Their older versions, Old Milton and Old Lola, played by Thomas Orr-Loney and Nancy Bell, are charming and sweet.  Dead Hearts is full of like and love while revolving around death.  It’s a nice and slightly dark tale that appeals to the horror-loving heart but should make any other viewer fall for the leads.
You can watch it here.

Missing Halloween
A child without many friends has an imaginary one who’s there for him.  On Halloween night, while trick-or-treating, this child goes missing.  This black and white animated short is sweet and sad all at once.  As this child goes through life with one his parents and imaginary friend, the viewer can feel the care and love as well as the loneliness.  Writer, director, animator, sound designer, music composer, etc Mike Inel creates a short film that hits right in the feel  and reminds of rough childhood days and the importance of having a friend.  It’s sweet and super sad but absolutely worth checking out.  Also, the animation is beautiful with music that’s perfectly paired.
You can watch it here.

jack-chopJack Chop (2012)
Every year, just in time for Halloween, ArieScope releases a short film for the season.  Jack Chop is, so far, this reviewer’s favorite of all the shorts they have done.  This short takes on the Slap Chop infomercials but adapted for tools to carve pumpkins is funny, bloody, and just perfect.  Written and directed by Adam Green and starring Paul Solet who gives a beautifully ridiculous performance.  This one pokes fun at a lot of people and a complete genre of television.  The humor is very adult and so is the language, but unless these things shock you, go and watch it for a first, second, or 100th time.
You can watch it here.