Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon (2015) [Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2016]

genghis-khan-conquers-the-moonIn director Kerry Yang’s epic short film, Genghis Khan meets with a Wizard as he’s busy conquering the world.  This Wizard shows him the Moon and Khan sets his sights on the unconquered “land”.  Written by Steve Emmons and Kerry Yang, the film is historical sci-fi fantasy at its best.  The characters they build and put in this crazy situation are entertaining to watch. The cast of actors chosen for the leads in this epic short are very impressive.

Genghis Khan is played with a ton of talent by acting great Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa who as usual gives a memorable performance.  Playing the Wizard is another of acting’s greats, James Wong who imbues his performance with magic and a touch of smarminess and sarcasm.  The two of them have great chemistry and their back and forth is fantastic to watch.  The rest of the cast also does very well, all being carefully selected for their capacities.

The casting is only one thing that is carefully done by the best this short’s production could find.  The film in general looks beautiful with skilled cinematography by Noah Kistler and Guan Xi.  The images they capture look like they belong in a much more expensive feature film.  These stunning images are made possible by art direction by Joshua Sampson which has an incredible attention to details which shows also in the set decorations by Yong Ok Lee and costume design by Jill Paz.  These all come together to create a believable period piece filled with magic and science-fiction.

The special effects by Gene Warren III paired with the visual effects by Steve Emmons and Gene Warren III transform this film and give it that extra ooph.  These effects look like they also belong in a much more expensive sci-fi feature.  The talent involved creates a look that is great with CGI that is not intrusive, adding to the film without being the main focus.

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon is a short of epic proportions with awesome casting and great acting.  The film is beautifully shot with great costumes, décor, and effects.  Its music is also very good, adding to the epic-ness of it all with a memorable closing piece.  This is a sci-fi short that deserves to be seen (preferably on the big screen) and praised.