Ranking the “Bob’s Burgers” Halloween Episodes

bobs-burgersIf you’re still waiting for the heir apparent to “The Simpsons,” it’s already here and it’s been on television for seven years, now. “Bob’s Burgers” is a consistently hilarious, well written, and sweet series about a lower middle class family working hard to make ends meet and deal with the wackiness of life. Almost every year “Bob’s Burgers” has hosted their own holiday episodes, including Halloween, and they’ve managed to build some of the most memorable episodes of the series through the holiday, using it as a means of emphasizing some of the more unique traits within every character.

With a new Halloween episode of “Bob’s Burgers” arriving on October 23rd, I thought I’d rank and rave about every Halloween episode from the series so far.

Which “Bob’s Burgers” Halloween episode is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Tina and the Real Ghost
Human Polenta-pede Burger, Kales from the Crypt Burger, Paranormal Pepper Jack-tivity Burger
I consider this one of the weaker Halloween episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” even if it’s still rather funny and packs some really memorable moments. Every episode has given the kids and the parents something to do and it always seems like they’re competing to see whose Halloween misadventure is the most hysterical. After Bob discovers a bug infestation in the freezer of the restaurant, he hires an exterminator. The exterminator refuses to do his job convinced the basement holds a spirit within, and suggests hiring paranormal investigators instead. Linda and the kids then hold a séance with a Ouija board and learn there is a ghost and his name is–Jeff.

After trapping Jeff in a shoe box, Tina forms an attachment to him and begins escorting him around school. This prompts the kids’ classmates to become jealous of their relationship, while Tina tries to connect with her shoe box spirit in most unusual ways. Meanwhile Bob has to deal with a pair of inept paranormal investigators, all the while enduring the bug infestation. There are some prime gags here, including the resolution of the ghost hunters’ sub-plot and the kids’ usual genius costumes. Gene dresses up as a split hybrid of “Turner and Hooch,” while Louise is “The Driver from the major motion picture trailer, “Drive.”” That’s funny for so many reasons. All in all it’s an entertaining Halloween one shot that feels much more like a regular episode and less like a Halloween celebration like the others. Not that there’s anything wrong with a regular episode of “Bob’s Burgers.”

The Hauntening
Breaking Radish Burger
Admittedly this Halloween episode is a bit far fetched, but still manages to be really funny. It’s also a surprising episode where we discover recurring character Mort is bisexual, as we learn he’s having a relationship with a local man from down the street. In either case, we have seen Louise frightened a thousand times, but in regards to Halloween attractions, Louise doesn’t get scared. We get a hilarious montage of Gene and Tina being terrified as they walk through local haunted houses while Louise finds them all generally boring. She even senses when a zombie pops up because the actor is wearing too much cologne. This Halloween, Bob and Linda are up for the challenge and take the trio of kids to a deserted house in a different part of town.

There they create the ultimate corny haunted house they swear will scare the kids. There’s even the goofy witches body parts gag with the grape eyeballs. Louise then decides to leave and scare her parents, and gets her revenge, but as they’re all preparing to leave they suspect they’re being stalked by a local neighbor wielding hedge clippers. Before long they realize they’re being hunted by the mysterious man, and the situation gets even more terrifying as they hear weird sounds, and are confronted by people in black cloaks. There are just so many good moments here, including Teddy being frightened by a goofy electronic witch, the hysterically weird conjoined twins Bob and Linda dress as, and how about that Boyz 4 Now video?

Fort Night
The Cauliflower’s Cumin from Inside the Burger
Who doesn’t love a good fort? You have to appreciate how creative the Belcher kids are when building a fort, as they manage to build one that has two floors and multiple rooms. When the kids plan on trick or treating with Darryl, Ollie, and Andie, they give them the royal tour of the fort, and plan on a big trick or treating spree thanks to a map made by Darryl. Louise is sadly followed by psychotic fan Millie who insists on being Dust Bunnies with her for Halloween. Circumstances intervene when the kids are pinned in their fort thanks to a parked garbage truck, and after Louise ticks her off, Millie takes advantage by leaving them there to stew while she basically holds them hostage.

The secondary plot with Bob and Linda struggling to make the kids’ Chinese dragon costume, and Bob nearly getting killed trying to buy sequins for the kids costume is hysterical. Especially the inexplicable way the grumpy shop keeper mocks Bob by calling him “Bob Fosse.” While the Halloween aesthetic is only slightly a secondary element, there’s still a ton of great gags for the holiday, including the final hilarious scene involving a mock haunting, the sudden betrayal when the kids attempt to escape the fort, Teddy’s insistence on Bob playing his homemade Scary sounds CD in the restaurant, and Bob and Linda trick or treating with the awful Dragon costume, while being mocked by their neighbors. It’s yet another laugh out loud installment. I wonder if Teddy makes a new scary sounds CD every Halloween.

Full Bars
The Jack o Lentil Burger
“Full Bars” is pretty much the quintessential Halloween episode for “Bob’s Burgers” so far. Though the show is in seven seasons with only four Halloween episodes so far, “Full Bars” really has it all. The kids have dressed up as their typical unusual costumes and it’s a stitch. Louise is Edward Scissorhands, Tina is a Single Mommy Mummy, and Gene is Queen Latifah in her U-N-I-T-Y phase. After a really bad trick or treating trip on Halloween night in their neighborhood, the kids venture out to the rich side of town hoping to score big from the richer families. Lo and behold they do when they meet two other kids who help them find the big scores including full size candy bars, and giant jugs of soda. But the trick or treating nose dives when local bullies begin hunting down trick or treaters, hurling eggs and water balloons filled with urine at them.

This is one of the more hilarious and zanier misadventures for the Belcher kids as they get to inject their own sense of twisted morals, including Louise testing the honor code by taking more than one candy bar from a bowl in front of an empty house. There’s also the kids tricking the bullies in to skinny dipping, Tina finding great pleasure in naked boys suggesting they take pictures of them, and Gene saving other trick or treaters with the mantra “Queen Latifah give me strength!” The sub-plot involving Bob and Linda being pushed in to attending Teddy’s awful orange and black Halloween party is also a stitch as Bob is forced to walk around in a fat suit when he shows up without a costume, and Teddy locks his house down when his hamster is killed and he begins investigating who might have committed the murder. It’s a laugh riot that celebrates the fun and awkwardness of Halloween.