Pretty Dead – 10 Horror Films (DVD)

prettydeadJust in time for Halloween, Mill Creek Entertainment offers consumers a bargain with ten very notable indie horror films available in one pack. With just the right variety, “Pretty Dead” is hours of horror entertainment and interesting horror cinema that will make for a great weekend for any experimental horror buff. First up is 2011’s “Bunnyman,” the survival tale about a group of friends that run afoul a psychotic family of cannibalistic deviants that delight in torturing travelers. In order for them to make it back home alive, they have to evade the psychotic bunnyman, a deranged lunatic dressed as a giant rabbit. “The Lake on Clinton Road” from 2015 is a cabin in the woods thriller about a group of friends partying who begin disappearing in to the night. “The Lights” from 2008 stars Joe Estevez, and involves four friends who venture out in to the wilderness to catch a rare meteor shower.

Despite the local sheriff’s warnings, when the friends go out in to the woods to view the phenomenon, they begin getting stalked by a malevolent force that is watching them. “Pretty Dead” from 2013 centers on a young woman who realizes that she isn’t alive and shouldn’t even be walking around now that she has no pulse or heartbeat. But with her rising hunger for human flesh, is she an actual zombie or is it all one big delusion? “Monsters in the Woods” from 2012 centers on a filmmaker who will do whatever it takes to get his movie finished and sold, even if it means making a deal with demons to hunt down and murder his cast. With the victims being hunted by devil dogs, now they have to close the gate to hell before its too late. “The Sacred” from 2009 centers on a group of college students that travel out to a sacred swamp in Florida that has the ability to conjure up past sins and bring them to life, offering them a relentless nightmare they can’t escape.

“Backwater” from 2013 is set on a young couple who are convinced they’re being stalked when they go to a secluded spot in the country for a weekend. “Pelt” from 2010 follows a group of female friends as they begin getting terrorized by unseen forces in the woods, and learn the hard way not to trespass on sacred land. “Sparrow” from 2010 follows six friends who venture out to an abandoned summer camp and realize they might be getting terrorized by the urban legend of a machete wielding park ranger. Finally from 2011, there’s “Occupied,” a psychological thriller about a young woman who realizes she is being terrorized outside her cabin and inside by unwelcome visitors when she’s tasked with babysitting her young cousin for the night.

The DVDs come with no extras.