Boo to You Too! Winnie the Pooh (1996)

boo-to-you-tooNo one celebrates Halloween like the friends from the hundred acre woods. Although you have to appreciate how they embrace most holidays, including Thanksgiving. In either case, as usual, the gang is very ready to trick or treat, and they all have their own motives for going out for the night. Pooh is especially dead set on stealing honey from the local bee hive and he plans to do so by dressing as a bee for the holiday. Rabbit is also anxious to keep his pumpkin patch in good shape, especially with the group out on their usual antics.

Piglet is having the biggest problem as he’s terrified of what awaits him in the woods. He then decides to build a mechanical mannequin that can give him enough courage and protect him. Piglet has to muster up his courage though when the fear gets the best of him, prompting him to flee from the festivities. Of course his friends go looking for him, and a big misunderstanding involving monsters prompts a search party. “Boo to You Too!” is another fun and simple Winnie the Pooh adventure that celebrates the spirit of the holiday while also sticking true to the innocence of the Disney series.

It’s almost impossible to not have fun with Pooh and the gang, especially when Tigger is not only has the best costume of the bunch, but also knows how cool Halloween can be. I always love how Tigger is always the most adventurous of the group, and he always proves why he’s the best character of the series. “Boo to You!” pretty much came and went back in 1996, but it’s still a neat and entertaining Halloween adventure for the Pooh gang, and I wish there were a lot more Halloween romps.