Cycle (2016)

cycleDirector Alexis Ramirez’s short film “Cycle” is a little rough around the edges, but I really enjoy what kind of idea is presented in such a short time. The concept of competition and the thirst for success in a career driving a person mad is a good one that’s been tackled many times. It is thankfully done pretty well here focusing on Heather, a young woman who is at home one afternoon seemingly practicing on choking someone to death.

When Meg, the very person she’s envisioned killing appears at her door, the pair begin to engage in a battle of words and trade barbs back and forth that elevate in to violence. Stars Ruth Ipince and Katherine Black do a solid job in their respective roles, and director Ramirez is very good at emphasizing Meg and Heather’s competitive nature and how it’s driven them to be bitter enemies over the years.

It’s clear from the moment we meet them that they despise one another, and that they’ll do whatever it takes to show up the other. When the pair begins shoving one another, and throwing each other around, Ramirez examines the slow and brutal nature of their rivalry, and the fall out that ensues. When we finally hit the final scene, “Cycle” raises a lot of questions, and ends in a very satisfying conclusion about insanity and delusion.