The Flash: The Complete Second Season [Blu-ray/Digital]

flash-season2After the blast off debut that was “The Flash” Season One, a lot of fans and audiences were expecting an interesting follow up that would continue the saga of Barry Allen. Lo and behold, Season two of “The Flash” upped the ante by introducing new characters, a brand new horrifying villain, and the concept of the multiverse. If you thought no one could be more intimidating than reverse Flash, than the series introduces Zoom. Zoom is yet another speedster from the Universe who is dressed in black and looks very much like a demonic speedster. Voiced by Tony Todd, Zoom is an enigmatic figure with a secret identity that plans to take Barry’s speed for himself and has plans for the world. Barry realizes all too soon that Zoom is faster than he ever hopes to be, and he finds himself completely in over his head.

Barry and his group of crime fighters at STAR Labs are made aware of the multiverse when a hero from Earth-2 named Jay Garrick, an alternate Flash, introduces himself and decides to help Barry after losing his speed force to Zoom. There’s also Earth-2’s Harrison Welles who arrives on Earth-1 also deadset on defeating Zoom and saving his daughter Jessie who is being held hostage. The second season of “The Flash” manages to offer up some new thrills and unique twists along with some fun episodes that involve Barry and co. learning about the alternate Earths. We also get to meet a lot of alternate versions of the various characters walking around “The Flash” allowing for some dramatic conflict and obstacles that eventually become very mentally and emotionally trying for the Scarlet Speedster. The writing team behind the series manages to flesh out the supporting cast so much more than we initially saw in the first season.

After the death of Eddie Thawne in the first season’s finale, Barry finds himself attempting to move forward and trust again, while his friends all experience personal troubles of their own. This includes Cisco evolving his enigmatic powers as the days progress, and Caitlin Snow trying to build a stronger connection to her friends and allies as she grows colder with every passing day. Zoom is a creepy villain for the follow up to the first season, offering a unique sense of terror to the speed force, and giving The Flash something to shudder about whenever he’s in his suit battling criminals. The follow up to the first bang up season delivers some fun developments as well as being bold enough to twist certain dynamics that we grew fond of in the first season, including the relationship between Harrison and Cisco. As well Berlanti and the creative team behind the series strengthen the ties to the extended DC Television Universe, allowing a fluid progression between the current DC Comics action series on the CW, and giving the Flash a wide open universe of heroes and rogues to turn to and battle.

All four discs feature select Deleted Scenes for various episodes. “Barry and Iris: New Beginnings!” a seven minute history of the characters and their romantic past. “The Flash: Visual Effects: Follow The Flash in 360” is a shirt look in to what it takes to bring The Flash to life, “Who’s Helmet Was That?” is a short introduction to Jay Garrick from Earth-2, “Rogues Gallery: One Cold Father, The Lewis Snart Story” is a four minute peek in to the history of the Snart family, and sets up Snart’s motivation for “Legends of Tomorrow.” “Heart and Heat: The Story of Firestorm” is a peek Firestorm’s evolution from Ronnie to Jax, “The Flash: Visual Effects: Earth-2” is yet another brief look at the effects for Earth-2. “Cutting Teeth: The Flash VS King Shark” is a great five minute look at the brief appearance of King Shark and how he was made, “The Power of Dr. Light” is a five minute look at the character brought to life on screen and the idea of multiple universe doubles.

“Into The Breach: Designing Earth-2” is a four minute look in to what helped make the breach effects, and there’s a twelve minute Gag Reel. “Behind The Story: The Chemistry of Grant and Emily Screen Test” is a bunch of fun screen tests, “Grodd Lives!” is a seven minute look at how they animated the return of Gorilla Grodd. “Star-crossed Hawks” is an eleven minute introduction to the Hawk heroes and their long romance that spans generations. “Star-Crossed Hawks: The Hunt for Vandal Savage” showcases villainous Vandal Savage who crosses the series and becomes the baddie for “Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash: Visual Effects: A Closer Look” is another fun look at the special effects, “Christmas With The Flash” is a four minute look at Mark Hamill’s glorious return as the Trickster. 2015 Paleyfest” is a thirty minute Q&A with the cast and creative team behind the series, while “The Flash: 2015 Comic-Con Panel” is another fifteen minute discussion set in Hall H.

“Sticky Situations,” “Everything Falls Apart,” and “Superheroes and Villains” look more at the visual effects of the season, while “The Many Faces of Zoom” offers a brief but fun look at how they brought Zoom to the series. Finally, “Chasing Flash” is a long but interesting look at how director Kevin Smith developed and directed an episode for the season.

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