Girl in the Basement (2016)

GirlintheBasementJared Skolnick and Kt Baldassaro’s short thriller is a vicious bit of human introspection that explores how far we are willing to go to survive. Not to mention what areas of darkness of our humanity we’re willing to explore if it meant living for just one more day. Despite the somewhat over the top finale, Kt Baldassaro’s performance is powerful and absolutely gut wrenching. You can almost feel every bit of pain and torment she experiences, and almost root for her, despite the fact the situation she is in offers absolutely no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Kt Baldassaro plays Susan Larch, a young medical student who is attacked by a serial killer outside of her house and kidnapped.

After awakening in the basement of her kidnapper, she realizes she’s on her own and has no supplies except what was left by her kidnapper. Just her luck, her kidnapper has died after slipping and falling, landing directly on the door that’s keeping her in the basement. Even worse, after an attempt to escape, she snaps her leg in half. Now with immense pain and little resources, she uses her past as a means of helping her do as much as possible to keep herself alive. As well, she also tries desperately to keep her composure and sanity, which she realizes is fading as the hours pass by and no one realizes where she is.

Again, Kt Baldassaro’s turn as Susan is pretty excellent, as she was someone who was a pretty key cog in the world, and comes to a startling realization over the course of the film. The special effects are pretty gruesome the more we see Susan descend in to madness, and Baldassaro handles the transformation and grueling obstacles like a champ. That said, the movie falls apart once the gore begins to feel less an essential plot element and more about shock value, and really hinders what could have been a powerful finale. In either case, “Girl in the Basement” is a very dark and disturbing look in to the eyes of madness and how simple actions can result in massive catastrophe.