Never Tear Us Apart (2016) [Fantasia International Film Festival 2016]

NTUASid Zanforlin’s short horror comedy is a fantastic bit of gruesome, grue, and slapstick comedy that will definitely strike a nerve with folks that like HG Lewis. I am shocked how much Zanforlin is able to squeeze in to in only seven minutes in length. And considering this is a proof of concept for a potential feature film, I think Zanforlin has enough material for a potentially bonkers splatter horror comedy down the road. Filled with amazing special effects by Justin Tripp, Zanforlin centers his film on two young men traveling to meet their family who stop alongside the road.

When one of the young men goes exploring and finds a small cabin in the woods, things go from bad to bat shit insane when he finds out the happy couple inside are flesh eating cannibals. “Never Tear Us Apart” doesn’t have much of a narrative, but props up a lot of information for a potential remake, and even relays enough information for you to get the point. When Zanforlin heads in to the surprise ending, “Never Tear Us Apart” closes as an off the wall horror comedy about the potential pit falls of self discovery and how sometimes it’s best if we don’t know everything about ourselves.

The ace editing, marvelous special effects, and top notch direction from Zanforlin makes “Never Tear Us Apart” is an excellent pitch black short horror comedy that has to be seen to be believed.