Sentinel (2015)

sentinelNOW SEEKING FUNDING ON KICKSTARTER – Jason Turner’s “Sentinel” reminds me a lot of the Harry Canyon segment from “Heavy Metal” except so much more of a neo-noir cyberpunk love letter than the former. Presented as a motion comic, Jason Turner plays Ex-Cop Alex Calibourne, a man with enhanced body augmentations that lives in a crime ridden albeit futuristic city named Iron City. Calibourne lives and breathes by his robotic enhancements, and uses his artificial intelligence J.E.S.S., a sassy female AI, to guide him through his adventures in the underworld.

This involves his run ins with bar patrons, battling random thugs, and dealing with a potential femme fatale. The animation for the motion comic is pretty excellent, prompting a very dime novel aesthetic that channels the likes of “Blade Runner.” The character of Alex Calibourne aka “Iron Joe” is a fascinating anti-hero prone to falling for dames, and lurking in dark bars, despite being technologically advanced. I enjoyed the interplay between Irons and J.E.S.S., a very outspoken AI in the form of the classic noir secretary, who is most definitely feeling something for Calibourne.

This becomes evident as he begins sinking deeper and deeper in to a new assignment involving being a bodyguard for a very beautiful night club singer. Jason Turner has a unique vision and his format of a motion comic works in favor of his intended anthology movie in the vein of “Heavy Metal.” In the aforementioned film no two segments were alike, and it breaks the monotony to present the adventures of the Sentinel in various mediums. “Sentinel” is a neat and mesmerizing beginning to a unique crime hero, and Turner realizes him well enough to where you definitely root for him, and want to see where he goes next.