Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): Ultimate Edition [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]

BvSFrom the man who gave us such rousing successes as “Sucker Punch” comes a new vision of Batman and Superman that’s pitch black, violent, and painfully stupid. Zack Snyder is a man with so much admiration for Alan Moore and Frank Miller, he spends the majority of “Batman v Superman” ripping them off wholesale. Snyder’s film is such a botched job he works in reverse, and takes the time out to deconstruct his vision of the iconic superheroes we haven’t even gotten to know yet. But hey, at least we get to see Bruce Wayne’s parents murdered in an alleyway once again. To make matters worse, the film is long, overstuffed, and painfully boring.

So of course DC and Warner Bros. remedy that situation by offering fans a new cut of “Batman v Superman” that’s even longer! Because, that’s what the problem was with “Dawn of the Justice.” Truth be told, the added scenes take “Dawn of Justice” to a new level from an embarrassing calamity in to only a hot mess of a film. The new footage adds more relevance to Superman’s role in the film giving him more than forty five lines, and expressing more of his woes about having to be a superhero in a world in need of one. The new cut also makes Lois less of a simpleton who is just getting in the way most of the time, as she spends the duration of the new scenes investigating Lex Luthor’s scheme and trying to make sense of his master plan for the audience.

That said, the movie makes even more baffling moves, featuring a scene of Bruce Wayne’s bare bottom for some inexplicable reason, as well as a pretty pointless sequence where Bruce Wayne busts a sex trafficking ring. The “Ultimate Cut” never fixes the bigger problems with “Dawn of Justice” and piles more on, rather than cutting out the fat and nonsense for a sleeker and more streamlined action film. It’s yet another botched attempt by DC/Warner to jump-start the DC Movie Universe. With this review, my review of the Theatrical Cut, and the Extended Cut, I’ve devoted more time to “Batman v Superman” than it deserves. My duty as a Superman fanatic is fulfilled.

The release of the Ultimate Edition will either be confirmation of the quality and lack thereof of “Batman v Superman” or that it’s grossly misunderstood. There’s the theatrical and Extended Cut available, along with a DVD. There’s absolutely no commentary, which should indicate Warner likely didn’t want Snyder accidentally divulging details about the future movies, and also admitting he slipped up in some regards. In either case, Warner has their bases covered. There’s also a bunch of interviews and behind the scenes that show how enthusiastic the cast were, even declaring the “Martha!” twist to be genius. Yes, even Diane Lane thought the twist with “Martha” was great. Not really sure why Superman would call his mom by her first name, but that’s a rabbit hole I won’t go down.

There’s a lot of really laugh out loud moments including Geoff Johns explaining that “Batman v Superman” is the first movie to show what Superman would be like in the real world. Despite the fact Richard Donner gave us a clear cinematic vision still widely considered the quintessential cinematic Superman. Plus I doubt Superman would be a dick like he is in the film. “Uniting the World’s Finest” is a look at the various actors playing major DC heroes, including Jason Momoa taking the role of Aquaman very seriously, while Ezra Miller gives The Flash a scientific explanation that new fans should find interesting; old fans? Yes, we know, Ezra. He is a scientist.

“The Warrior, The Myth, The Wonder” is a short documentary about Wonder Woman who is introduced in the film, and offers a unique look in to her history and creation, as well as her appeal to women and why her stories should be universal. There are some neat extras discussing the development of the effects for the Batmobile, the Batcave, all of which were mostly practical. You have to laugh though at Ben Affleck claiming DC characters are more realistic and darker in pop culture, while Jessie Eisenberg is, big fat shocker, not familiar with Lex Luthor and his rivalry with Superman. That explains a lot. The PG-13 disc comes with a “Suicide Squad” Trailer, while the R rated Disc comes with a preview of the animated adaptation of “The Killing Joke.”