I.V. League (2016)

ivleaguePatrick Rea has been more committed to dark comedy as of late, delivering horror shorts that are based a lot around deception and pure evil. It’s really interesting to see director Rea working outside of his comfort zone and diving in to new areas of horror and fantasy that are rarely mastered. “I.V. League” is another of his many latest short films where human cruelty is the theme, and Rea delivers a one two punch of plot twists that make the experience very worthwhile.

Creating a ring of lies, “I.V. League” is centered on a man who’s barely survived a car wreck that left him burnt from head to toe. While his new nurse attends to him, she soon meets his wife, and learns that she’s been all too aware of her bed ridden husband’s past with sleeping with young female doctors and nurses around the hospital. Without realization, the two women are embroiled in a secret murder plot against him, with a man named Nico who was sent to murder him. After failing, both women have a bone to pick with him, and soon the suspicions arise among the pair of women.

It’s tough to continue discussing the movie without actually giving away what unfolds, but Rea’s film is slick enough to follow without ever getting too crowded with plot points and twists. The performances from Misty Dixon and Katrina Volonnino are superb (as well as the rest of the supporting cast), with Rea devising a nice web of revenge and spite that culminates in to a really good climax. While I admittedly saw the first plot twist coming miles away, the final twist is really unexpected, and felt very well placed, rather than tacked on. Rea’s film is a strong and clever short thriller, and one that warrants a watch when it becomes available for fans.