ChicArt Short Films Round Up

Day Before YesterdaySometimes, a bunch of shorts fall in my lap and I gather them for review under a theme.  Like the recent piece on the shorts by production company 2AM Burrito, this group came from one company, albeit a PR one: ChicArt.

The style of the shorts here is very different, so this is where the comparison ends. Without further ado, ChicArt repped shorts.

Day Before Yesterday (2010) (11min 42sec)
A woman wakes up outside laying on the street, police take her in and try to figure out her identity as she has no memories, no ID, and no fingerprints.  Written by Sarah Beckett and directed by Patricia Chica, it’s a tight mystery that takes most of its short run time to get to its resolution.  Michelle Boback as the woman shows a good range of emotions and supports most of the film while giving very little away until just the right moment.

Ceramic Tango (2013) (10 minutes)
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Alone in his bathroom, Riley contemplates his past, his mistakes, his future.  A demon comes calling…  Written by Charles Hall and directed by Patricia Chica, this one is all about emotions, the push and pull of regret and wanting to keep going.  The character of Riley is played by Holy Scar and the demon by Richard Cardinal, two best friends in life who had no previous acting experience and who do quite well bringing forth the material and the emotions, making it very much worth seeking out this short.

Serpent's LullabySerpent’s Lullaby (2014) (13 minutes)
A beautiful woman lives a lonely existence in her manor after having lost and buried her infant.  She sees in others what she misses most: love.  That is until she makes a decision that will most likely change her life.  Also written by Charles Hall and directed by Patricia Chica, this short shows that these two work well together and that their story telling lends itself perfectly to the short film format.  Lead actress Jenimay Walker keeps the viewers’ attention with her talented acting and classic beauty.  Serpent’s Lullaby is full of atmosphere with a touch of mystery, wrapped in beautiful imagery, keeping the viewer wanting to see more.

A Late ThawA Late Thaw (2015) (13min 57sec)
After her boyfriend’s death, a young woman goes through the grieving process her own way hoping she can let go and learn to live fully again.  Written and directed by Kim Barr, A Late Thaw explores themes of grief, letting go, remembering, and living after having lost the love of one’s life as well as touches on themes of moving on and learning to love again.  Helena Marie gives a touching and haunting performance as the lead Tara.  She shows emotions and pulls the viewers in, making them care about Tara and what she is going through, but without going overboard.  This short shows that one can learn to live and love again after a great loss without forgetting the lost person.

A Tricky TreatA Tricky Treat (2015) (3min 7sec)
A very short short showing a family getting ready for Halloween while upholding their gory family traditions.  Written by Kamal John Iskandar and directed by Patricia Chica, this one is funny, gory, and sweet in its own way.  It’s difficult to say much more about it without giving the whole 3 minutes away, however I do believe it will now be part of my Halloween tradition for short films along with Slap Chop and Treevenge.

Crimson DanceCrimson Dance (2016) (PSA) (3min 54sec)
Crimson Dance stars Tonya Kay doing what she does best, burlesque dancing, in a show introduced and hosted by Tiffany Shepis, the hostess with the moistest.  Both of them are killing it here, Shepis being her usual firecracker self and stealing the show.  Written and directed by Patricia Chica, this PSA for blood donation is a fun way to remind horror dand that helping others can be very easy and, in this case, easy on the eyes.

Look for these shorts at film festivals and conventions near you.