Unbalanced Love (2016)

ULClocking in at three and a half minutes (five with bloopers included), director Sydney Hord’s “Unbalanced Love” is a tight and very good short horror film that oozes potential. Granted, I would have loved twenty more minutes for exposition, but considering the context of the film’s production, “Unbalanced Love” unfolds the premise and narrative very well.

Tyler and Quinn set out to the middle of the woods to smoke some pot with their friend Gaige. When they venture out in to the middle of nowhere, they’re shocked to discover Gage has been viciously murdered. Hord is a good director with a lot of promise, offering a short film that has a stark haunting aesthetic that makes the events that unfold all the more grim and disturbing.

Hord and crew really keep a tight production, as “Unbalanced Love” is a neat short horror entry filled with very good editing, and strong performances all around. I would like to see a premise like this in long form someday, as the concept is brimming with promise for a great teen horror film. In either case, “Unbalanced Love” is a good preview of Hord’s ability as a filmmaker and I hope to see more from the director in the future.