Supergirl: Worlds Finest


I admit as a former hater of the character that I’ve taken a real shine to “Supergirl” over the course of its first season, and that’s mainly due to Melissa Benoist. She’s the embodiment of Supergirl, from the girl next door appeal, the charisma, the glowing personality, and the sense of heroism. Let’s face it, Benoist is the definitive Supergirl; boy, she is such a doll. After being doused with red kryptonite, Supergirl underwent a transformation that involved alienating everyone and back stabbing certain people in her job. This also involves getting co-worker Siobhan fired. Anxious for revenge, her secret power is revealed after nearly dying and she discovers by her aunt that she is a part of a curse involving banshees.

Only when she murders the person she hates can she rid herself of the curse. Rather than try to be rid of it, she embraces the role of Silver Banshee and teams up with a now imprisoned Livewire to strike down Cat Grant and Kara. After Silver Banshee surprises Kara at her job, she knocks Kara out of a window, and who should be the one to save her? None other than The Flash. Apparently, as he explains, he was testing out a new bit of machinery and ran so fast he warped in to an alternate Earth, as he has so many times before. Sadly, the presence of show characters like Cisco and Iris are nowhere to be found, but Barry Allen does make allusions to them, even discussing the Pied Piper to Supergirl, to which she exclaims “Cool name!”

Barry Allen’s presence is a welcome initiation in to the DC television universe, as Grant Gustin just oozes down to Earth charm and charisma as both the Flash and Barry Allen. The episode has a lot of fun with his appearance, from Barry proving he can run fast by getting Kara and her friends some ice cream, and their inevitable team up to bring down Silver Banshee and Livewire. Since Supergirl is outmatched, Barry makes an agreement with her to help her, if she can help him get back to his reality, thus the team up of the year unfolds. The episode isn’t perfect, sadly, since as–I mentioned–the supporting cast members are never seen or heard. Plus Barry’s first attempts to battle Kara’s enemies is kind of silly.

Why did he figure fighting a woman made of electricity would be brought down by his patented lightning throwing finishing move? Plus, Barry is rendered pretty much useless in the climax, as it mostly revolves around Kara gaining the love of the city again, with Flash to pop up without offering much help to bringing down her foes. That said, the crossover is still excellent and a welcome entrance for both series. The promise of The Flash visiting allowed me to re-visit “Supergirl” and give it another chance, so I’d say the mission is accomplished. “Worlds Finest” is a damn good meeting of superheroes with a lot more promise for worlds to come colliding. I hope we get to see Supergirl on “The Flash” eventually.