Point Break (2015) [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]

pointbreak2015Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 action film “Point Break” was never really anything resembling a masterpiece, but one thing you could never call it was boring. It’s garnered something of a cult following over the years, for a reason. It’s a silly, goofy, and fun bromance where Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze bring their A game in one of the most sexless male romance action films of all time. It’s a camp classic despite its major failings. “Point Break” 2015 takes the 1991 original and saps out all of the fun and inherent camp, transforming it in to a tedious, overlong action thriller without a lick of humor about itself. Even “Fast and the Furious,” which copied “Point Break” shamelessly, had a sense of humor about itself and embraced its silly trappings and ridiculous plot line. Coming ten years too late, “Point Break” comes along after about fifteen retreads, and doesn’t really do anything except inspire the viewer to check out the original action film.

Luke Bracey is the new Johnny Utah, a risk taking extreme athlete whose best friend died falling off a cliff during a wilderness excursion. Traumatized, Johnny has abandoned the extreme lifestyle in favor of working as a police detective. When a group of extreme criminals begin pulling off extreme heists all over the world, indulging in a Robin Hood series of thefts involving stealing from corporations and giving to the poor, Utah begins to draw the connection. For once his years of Extreme sportsmanship is finally coming to use, as he senses the thieves are well orchestrated and are engaging in these thefts for something more than money. Delroy Lindo plays the gruff law enforcement superior, yet again, who puts Utah on the case despite being given hell by their superiors. Lindo has become accustomed to playing these “thorn in the side” roles, and here his character is not really any different than the one from “Gone in 60 Seconds.”

As Utah infiltrates, the gang led by the enigmatic Bodhi, he forms affections for the group sports lovers, and revives his love for thrills, and death defying stunts. Director Ericson Corre sucks all of the unique energy and charisma from the story, creating a broad reworking of the original that’s way too long, and feels like it was cobbled together by a committee to garner mass appeal. Speaking as someone with a great attention span, I had a nearly impossible time trying to focus on “Point Break” and muster up some kind of interest in what was unfolding before my eyes. Even with the amazing stunt work and excellent cinematography, it’s all just going through the motions, dragging us in to the closing credits. Corre’s reworking doesn’t embrace the silliness like the original film did, and fails to ignite any kind of interesting characters that could jump start a new series. That’s what we have “Fast and the Furious” for.

Featured in the Blu-Ray release, is a digital copy for consumers. There’s also a multi-chapter segment where there’s a brief spotlight for various stunt sequences. There are very short spotlights rock climbing, wing suit flying, motocross, and much, much more. There are various deleted scenes, all of which can be played individually or in a row. There are four deleted scenes total, with all of them clocking in at eight minutes. There are two official trailers for the movie clocking in at over five minutes in length, and finally a bonus trailer for the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”