Five More Movie Characters I Want to Marry


If you’re a pop culture fanatic, you’ve come across one or two fictional characters in your lifetime that you become smitten with and sometimes fall for. It’s entirely possible and happens more frequently than most people realize. I had such a good time compiling my last list of Ten Movie Characters I Want to Marry, that I thought for the upcoming arrival of Valentine’s Day, I’d celebrate by listing Five More Movie Characters I’d Love to Marry.

Who are some movie characters you’d marry if given the opportunity? Let us know in the comments. And Happy Valentine’s, you filthy animal.


Hedy Coletti – Just Looking
Hedy Coletti is a beauty who never really found the right guy to love her. The only one who really finds charm and love from her that doesn’t involve sex is Lenny, the main character who sees beyond Coletti’s sex appeal. Coletti is a broken spirit who does her best to find the bright side of life, but can never really find fulfillment and a wholesome relationship. She spends most of the movie involved with married men and rides on their false promises. Deep down, she wants the ideal relationship but may never really find it in her life. When we leave her, she faces an uncertain future, since a woman so beautiful and one of a kind deserves some kind of happiness and by no means should face a life alone and craving affection.


Tie: Missy Pantone & Torrence Shipman – Bring It On
It’s really tough to decide which of the girls from “Bring It On” makes for better girlfriend material. Torrence is clever, adorable, and a team player, and has a good heart when the chips are down. Plus she’s gorgeous. And then there’s the tougher and hard nosed Missy who comes from the inner city and manages to add some sense of honesty to her group of cheerleaders. She’s rebellious, stubborn, and smart mouthed, and that’s a formula I’m very fond of. Torrence and Missy are definite babes, and you could go on literally forever trying to figure out who edges whom.


Becca – Superbad
I have to admit, that if I was pushed in to a corner and faced with the decision of “Superbad” dream girls Becca, Nicola, or Jules, I’d have to pick Becca. Definitely Jules is adorable and hot and has a good head on her shoulders, and Nicola oozes pure sex appeal and charisma, but Becca has a definite cuteness about her that’s hard to resist. She does a great job of winning over character Evan, and seems just as well adjusted as Jules, save for the occasional mistake made. This only really makes her so much more interesting, and she redeems herself by the end of “Superbad.” Becca is hot and charming, a brutal combination and one that ultimately gives her a slight edge over Jules. Plus, though she hides it better than Evan, she’s also a little geeky and insecure when no one is looking.


Veronica Mars – Veronica Mars
Okay, so I cheated with this selection just a wee bit. Veronica Mars originally began her life as a television heroine; one of the great television heroines, to be exact. Later when her show was cancelled she was brought to the big screen by the show’s creators, so technically she is a movie character. It’s impossible not to like Veronica Mars if you’ve seen her series. She’s intelligent, quick witted, great with one liners, loyal to her friends and family, and damn it, she loves “The Big Lebowski.” Sure, it’d be tough to maneuver around her if I was ever hiding something from her, since she catches on to even the craftiest individual, but that’s all a part of the fun of being with her. Despite her tortured past and really bad luck with allies, Veronica is spunky, she’s definitely someone you’d want on your side, and she’s impossible to resist.


Lucy Gennero McClane – Live Free or Die Hard
We only really know Lucy McClane for the second half of “Live Free or Die Hard” but she makes enough of a mark to warrant her own movie. The fact she never got one is criminal and ridiculous. When villain Gabriel looks to take down John McClane, he seeks out his distant daughter hoping to make him play ball. Little did anyone figure Lucy has more balls than even John realizes. Though she does seem unassuming and innocent at first glance, when faced with immediate danger, she’s an aggressive and fearless protagonist. She mouths off to Gabriel, pretty much beats up one of Gabriel’s henchmen, and never really submits to her fear, even when Gabriel smacks her around. Lucy is the strong woman the “Die Hard” series sorely lacks, and her brief time in the movie series really paves her as someone you want in your corner. There’s nothing better than a strong woman who tells the men to grow some balls. It’s too bad the movie series wasn’t handed over to her after this installment.