Top Five Childhood Celebrity Crushes


Another Valentine’s Day dawns upon us single folk, reminding us that we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on dates or obligatory gifts just to appease our significant others as Valentine’s Day demands we express our love to someone or else we’re cold heartless monsters. As we prepare for another holiday involving cheap chocolate and greeting cards with hollow sentiment, I fondly recall five of the biggest Celebrity crushes of my childhood in the 1990’s and how they affected me big time.

Some of the crushes I outgrew, and some I just plain stopped liking altogether. In either case, my unrequited love for these celebrities inspire fond memories of a more innocent time during adolescence.

Who were some of your biggest celebrity crushes? Let Me Know in the Comments!


Soleil Moon Frye
Probably my first celebrity crush ever, Frye was adorable as “Punky Brewster” but grew in to a mighty fine looking woman. Her appearance on “The Wonder Years” sealed the deal, and I followed her for a while, through a lot of her direct to video movies, and even on “Sabrina.” Frye was so much more better looking when she had some baby fat on her, and I was smitten for a few years before she managed to succeed in outgrowing her image as Punky. My crush for her peaked when she lost too much weight. Good for her if thats what makes her happy, but I love a little baby fat.


Alicia Silverstone
I wasn’t the only boy who had major feelings for Silverstone in the nineties. I followed Silverstone from her Aerosmith videos, to horrible crap like “The Sitter,” the mediocre fodder like “Crush,” and on to her quick and successful career in films like “Clueless,” and “Excessive Baggage.” I never even liked “Clueless” either, and yet I’ve seen it at least fifty times mainly for Silverstone. Yes, I was still gaga over her in her stint as Batgirl in “Batman & Robin.” She’s easily the sexiest Brit without an accent I’ve ever seen on film. For me the crush peaked around the late nineties.


Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is perhaps my biggest celebrity crush of all time. I followed her from her role on “Money Train,” through her supporting role as the dreamiest teacher on Earth in “Jack,” right in to her attempt at a music career with “If You Had My Love.” Back before my house was installed with the internet, I used to travel to the library and print pictures of Lopez, and built a scrap book of her pictures. I watched every role she was in, and even had a large poster of her on my wall for many years that was given to me by my late grandfather. I also must have seen “Anaconda” and “Selena” a billion times, eventually wearing out my VHS of the latter to where the tape just uncoiled. The crush inevitably peaked once she started dating P. Diddy, but she’ll always be remembered as my longest running celebrity crush.


Kirsten Dunst
Dunst was hot in her heyday and she never failed to impress in anything she was in. As Torrence, she was incredibly cute in “Bring It On,” and though I never bothered with “Get Over It,” Dunst really took the whole hot blond image to a whole other level. And who could forget her in “Crazy/Beautiful”? Not the most flattering haircut, but she still looked damn good in the film, and tried for something other than shallow teen fare. I outgrew her during the early aughts, but Dunst is still a cutie when she wants to be.


Larisa Oleynik
Oleynik was the ideal crush of the Nickelodeon golden age. Starring in her break out television role in “The Secret World of Alex Mack,” Olyenik had a charm and appeal that was adorable and beautiful. Oleynik was prone to donning tomboyish clothing on the show, but even that never stifled her looks. From there, she continued evolving in to a beauty with “10 Things I Hate About You” and “The Babysitters Club.” She’s the embodiment of the nineties teen crush and my brother and I were susceptible to her wiles.