Night of the Slasher (2015)


Director Shant Hamassian’s short horror film is a rather excellent meta-tale that takes the classic horror slasher movie tropes and places them in to a new light. What if you could control the idea of the slasher coming to your door attacking with you a set of rules a la “Scream”? That’s the case for a young beautiful girl who is home alone at night. When we first see her, she’s this insanely sexy girl dancing in her lacy skivvies, but upon fully glancing at her person are a witness to the stitched wound she wears on her throat. The scar and silence says all, as she was clearly the victim of a vicious attack by a killer meant to end her life, but somehow survived.

While “Night of the Slasher” is a meta-slasher film sewing the seeds for a future horror film, it really discusses about how victims of horrific accidents or crimes can and often are capable of taking back their lives on their terms and deciding not to let it ruin their lives. Our young protagonist has taken back her life, and is intent on luring her killer back and finishing what they started. With every typical horror film, she plays out the motions of slasher bait inviting a guy over to drink and do drugs with her, and then engage in pre-marital sex.

Hamassian has a good time with this premise, writing some fun nuggets of dialogue like how our protagonists blind date from high schooler, who is obviously in his thirties, complaining that kids pick on him for looking like a thirty year old. Hamassian also films the entire short in one long take, making the experience all the more engrossing as it plays out in actual real time with no room for error. Hamassian is clever with inclusion of subtle references to classic horror, including the killer and his mask, which will spark laughter from slasher geeks. “Night of the Slasher” packs a fine moral behind it, along with very good meta-humor, and a nice prologue to what I think will end up being a fine slasher comedy. I hope we see more from Hamassian soon.