My Favorite Alan Rickman (1946-2016) Performance

It does not make me happy to discuss yet another fine performer dying to cancer, but rather than dwell on death and the cruelty of the disease, I’d rather talk about my favorite performance from the great Alan Rickman. Rickman was an amazing actor who could bend any role to his will and lend either great humanity or great menace. Surely enough my favorite performance from Mr. Rickman is from one of my favorite action comedies “Galaxy Quest.”

As Alexander Dane, he’s a man forced in to the eternal typecasting of a Spock-like character named Dr. Lazarus, and finds purpose as a hero who inspires many with his character’s classic catchphrase, which manages to inspire his alien cohorts to stand up against their alien foes. It’s a wonderful and funny role performance only Rickman could deliver. He’ll be sorely missed, may he rest in Peace.

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