Mike Tyson Mysteries: Season One Uncensored (DVD)


“Mike Tyson Mysteries” isn’t just a fun self aware satire of Mike Tyson, who seems to have a good time poking fun at himself, but is also a really clever poke at Hanna Barbera. Everything from a talking animal sidekick (incidentally a talking pigeon), a snooty ghost, geeky teen detective, and absurd mysteries make “Mike Tyson Mysteries” a hilarious series. Even the notion of basing a series around a random celebrity is typical seventies Hanna Barbera. Even the DVD for the first season is sorted out like one of the Hanna Barbera Archive releases for one of their many obscure series. That much attention to detail just has to be appreciated.

Mike Tyson is now a changed man thanks to the ghost of the Marquees of Queensbury, who helped Tyson clean up his life. Mike Tyson is now a jump suit wearing detective who garners new cases with the help of his pet pigeons that carry messages to him. With the help of his crack team of dysfunctional detectives, they travel around in their mystery mobile, and help someone in dire need. As expected, things never quite go as planned since Tyson is a well intentioned but not entirely crack investigator. His penchant for misunderstanding situations makes every scenario potentially disastrous and he’s constantly chased after by his adopted Asian daughter, and two colorful sidekicks.

The voice cast are hilarious, with Jim playing a snooty top hat donning phantom The Marquees of Queensbury who aides Tyson as his conscience, while Norm MacDonald is a man in a pigeon’s body named Pigeon, who cracks wise and bickers with everyone whenever he can. In the first adventure “The End,” Mike and co. has to stop the Chupacabra for author Cormac McCarthy whose local cattle are falling victim to the monster. This is a great introduction for the premise of the show, as Tyson mispronounces Chupacabra constantly, and has a good time stopping the beast by punching it in its testicles. In “Mite Tyson,” Mike has to throw pigeon out when he’s suspected of accidentally spreading mites on Mike. “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is a hilarious and expectedly demented series with Tyson showing off his ability to be funny and charming. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone in the market for off the wall animation.