SLIFR’s “Professor Abraham Setrakian’s Virulently Vampiric, Malevolently, Monsteriffic Super-Strain Halloween Movie Quiz”


One of my favorite movie blogs “Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule” recently posted their annual horror quiz in celebration of Halloween, and I was more than happy to take part in it. Their quizzes are usually a lot of fun and ask some interesting questions for their users that allow for an interesting article, so I thought I’d take part in yet another fun Movie Quiz that could inspire some thoughts on my favorite in horror entertainment and fiction. SLIFR is never bereft of interesting questions that cause its players to think hard and long, so I tackled this with immense enthusiasm.

Feel free to copy this quiz for yourself and link back to “Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule,” or feel free to let us know what you think about my answers below!

1) Edwige Fenech or Barbara Bouchet?
Edwige Fenech, though both women are gorgeous. Fenech is a raven haired goddess I never tire of ogling. She was even breathtaking in “Hostel 2.”

2) The horror movie you will stand up for when no one else will
“Diary of the Dead,” mainly because it’s such a fascinating and creepy statement about the information age and how we’ve pissed it away. It’s cynical, dark, and terrifying. The final scene just sends shivers down my spine, and the dark comedy is entertaining.

3) Your favorite horror novel
I quite enjoy “Frankenstein” which I read in high school. I oddly don’t have a particular favorite horror novel, but “Frankenstein” stands out the most.

4) Lionel Atwill or George Zucco?
Lionel Atwill

5) Name a horror film which you feel either goes “too far” or, conversely, might have been better had been bolder
Cry_Wolf would have stood to be better if it featured a little more violence or adult content. It still would have been hideously silly, but at least a respectable diversion.

6) Let the Right One In or Let Me In?
“Let the Right One In” is pretty damn fantastic. “Let Me In” is kind of like a stale reproduction, despite the strong performances from McPhee and Moretz.

7) Favorite horror film released by American International Pictures
Who Can Kill a Child? It’s a disturbing and creepy horror movie about a couple stuck on an island where the population’s children have suddenly turned murderous and psychotic. It’s a tense masterpiece.

8) Veronica Carlson or Barbara Shelley
Barbara Shelley, easily. Though both women are gorgeous.

9) Name the pinnacle of slasher movie kills, based on either gore quotient, level of cleverness or shock value
When Jason Voorhees slammed that girl against the tree in “The New Blood.” It never ceases to make me laugh at its sheer creativeness. Jason is a master of improvising and hiding in a sleeping bag just didn’t work for the poor girl.

10) Dracula (1931; Tod Browning) or Dracula (1931; George Melford)?
Gotta go with Browning’s since it’s so beautiful and eerie. Plus Bela Lugosi’s Dracula is a staple of the horror genre.

11) Name a movie which may not strictly be thought of as a horror film which you think qualifies for inclusion in the category
They Live. It’s a somewhat creepy and nihilistic look at the age of consumerism that still fits modern society well. We’re all programmed in some way to think the key to happiness is consuming, spending, and having sex.

12) The last horror movie you saw in a theater? On home video?
In theaters, I guess Cloverfield would count. On Home Video, All Hallows’ Eve 2.

13) Can you think of a horror movie that works better as a home video experience than as a theatrical one?
“Night of the Creeps” is definitely a movie that’s better in a small gathering, playing on the VCR, accompanied by chips and beer.

14) Brad Dourif or Robert Englund?
Robert Englund. Brad Dourif is a great actor and wonderful voice actor, but I’m so much more familiar with the work of Englund. Plus, I grew up with Freddy Krueger.

15) At what moment did you realize you were a horror fan? Or what caused you to realize that you weren’t?
The day my brother and I kidnapped my mom’s VCR and broke in to her off limits collection of VHS collection of horror movies. We saw “Friday the 13th,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Sleepaway Camp” in one day. That’s when I knew this was what I loved more than anything.

16) The Thing with Two Heads or The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant?
The Thing with Two Heads. What a wonky pairing.

17) Favorite giallo or giallo moment
Has to be the drowning in the scolding water from Profundo Russo.

18) Name a horror remake, either a character or an entire film, that you prefer over its original or more iconic incarnation. (Example: Frank Langella’s Dracula/Dracula > Christopher Lee’s Dracula/Dracula)
Last House on the Left 2009>Last House on the Left 1972

19) Your favorite director of horror films
John Carpenter, easily. Even his non-horror movies are somewhat eerie and creepy in their own right.

20) Caroline Munro or Stephanie Beacham?
Caroline Munro

21) Best horror moment created specifically for TV
The scene in “Haunted” where the mom sees the shadows outside her doorway.

22) The Stephen King adaptation that works better as a movie than a book
I’ve read very few King books, but my favorite King adaptation is “The Stand.” Before the preachy finale, it’s a very compelling apocalyptic tale of the subjective good versus the subjective evil.

23) Name the horror movie you most want to see but to this point never have
The Beyond. I’ve heard it’s quite great, but have never been able to sit down and watch it.

24) Andre Morell or Laurence Naismith?
Andre Morell

25) Second-favorite horror film made in the 1980s
Alone in the Dark. Wonderful thriller and slasher film about mental patients stalking a young psychiatrist they’re convinced killed their favorite doctor. The ending is just downright insane.

26) Tell us about your favorite TV horror host and the program showcasing horror classics over which he/she presided/presides
Easily it’s Joe Bob Briggs who hosted TNT’s Monstervision in the nineties. He introduced me to so many horror gems, as well as priceless bits of trivia I was not aware of at the time. I wish everyone had his sense of humor and boldness.