Alvin and The Chipmunks: Halloween Collection


No better way to celebrate Halloween than with David, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. As usual, the Chipmunks dynasty is always on point to celebrate any occasion. This time out they celebrate Halloween with five Halloween and horror themed animated shorts that I had a really good time with. It’s tough to dislike the Chipmunks, and even in modern times there’s just something about their misadventures and brotherly dynamic that makes them charming and entertaining. Alvin is still Alvin, and his family is still the lovable characters that either put up with his antics, or match wits with him.

Most of the shorts here revolve around a moral play and the chipmunks learning an important lesson. And I liked how the series of shorts taught without feeling overly preachy. “Trick or Treason” is the best of the bunch. It’s Halloween and Alvin is desperate to join the Monster Club, a group of monster loving pranksters. In order to win their prized jacket, he must figure out a big trick. After Theodore accidentally ruins it the club tells Alvin to capture the neighborhood kid nicknamed Pumpkinhead. Little does Alvin known the child is actually physically deformed, utterly harmless, and has made friends with Theodore.

Now Alvin has to decide if he wants the jacket at the cost of someone’s humanity, while Theodore embraces the young boy and decides to introduce him to the neighborhood. “Babysitter Fright Night” involves the trio of chipmunks being babysat by a militant woman whom they suspect is a fugitive from the law, but they learn once and for all that you shouldn’t judge someone before getting to know them. “Theodore’s Life as a Dog” sees Theodore and Simon convincing Alvin Theodore is turning in to a dog when he pulls pranks on them, including making Theodore eat Dog Biscuits. It’s a fun and funny dose of payback for mischievous Alvin.

“Nightmare on Seville Street” finds the trio of chipmunks falling in to horror and paranoia after sneaking in to a horror movie named “Horrible Harold.” When the lights go out, and Dave is accidentally locked out of the house, Dave falls victim to the boys’ booby traps intended for the evil Harold. Finally, “Once Upon a Crime” sees the chipmunks dealing with guilt when they decide to steal a prized toy from their neighbor, causing them to tell stories about masked crime fighters that reflect their own consciences. Overall, “Halloween Collection” is a fun and breezy collection of shorts that don’t mind teaching a lesson here and there. It also garners a great rendition of “Monster Mash.”