Sci-fi, Super humans, and Romance. Pick Up “The Genesis Exiles” Today!


There’s nothing more harrowing than looking at a blank page that has to be filled with paragraphs and information. That’s why writing is such a feat. It takes hard work and commitment, even for people that just blog about their lives on a daily basis. To put it bluntly: I wrote a book, and I hope you buy it and enjoy it.

“The Genesis Exiles” was a long time coming, my very own universe very much in the vein of Superman and X-Men that takes two characters I fell in love with and pits them against the world. Surely it’s about two super humans fighting against the world, but it’s also about the unbreakable bonds of love, and how it can move mountains. I hope you consider buying “The Genesis Exiles” and if you do, I hope you enjoy it.

It’s on Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords; it’s action packed fun for any science fiction fan, and makes a great gift.

Thanks for reading Cinema Crazed.