Don’t Play with Ghosts (2015)


It’s always nice to see the beginning of a filmmaker’s career and if “Don’t Play with Ghosts” is any indication, Sydney Hord has a long road ahead of her filled with surprises. “Don’t Play with Ghosts” is a part of a 48 hour film competition with a three and a half minute length, and in that time Hord manages to paint a really spooky picture. It’s a simplistic premise, but one wrought with some interesting twist and turns.

When a young girl spots her friend Maggie hiking to a local cemetery, she learns that Maggie is fascinated with the old grounds and intends to find ghosts. Despite caution, she goes along with Maggie, and manages to find something else in the cemetery she never expected. Jentri Hullinger and Haylee Horn pull off solid performances as the pair of cast members in what is an obviously low budget but clever horror short.

Surely the setting and story is limited but that doesn’t hold back what is a surprisingly complete narrative. “Don’t Play with Ghosts” watches like the unfolding of a classic urban legend, and Hold, along with Jaiden Frost manage to concoct a spooky yarn that’s a worthwhile competitor for any genre festival out there. I hope we see more from sixteen year old Sydney Hord. I sense she has potential to really shock and surprise if given a larger budget, and more time to tell her own story for horror crowds.