It’s Here! (2014)


Sinclair Obiora’s film “It’s Here!” is a well made little short that I quite enjoyed. It’s set after a massive alien attack where a lone mortician brings in the body of what I presume was one of the victims. “It’s Here!” is set after the fact where the big story has taken place, and what has happened after the event has unfolded. And therein lies its problem. It’s set after the fact.

“It’s Here!” feels like the epilogue to a larger more horrific film and the prologue to a sequel. In order to really understand what was happening here, I had to really assume a lot, and that’s not really a good thing in the long run. I think “It’s Here!” could have gone in for at least five more minutes to emphasize the menace and the events that unfolded, and then dive in to the story. It’s a mostly silent film built around mounting tension, and for the most part it really works. We watch as the lone mortician (Freddie Annobil-Dodoo) becomes victim to a predatory alien menace, and then there’s the certainty that the alien or monster just isn’t dead.

I really wanted to know more about what happened before the body came in to the morgue and I really wanted to learn more about the antagonist and what it was capable of. “It’s Here!” feels like a pitch for a larger more whole science fiction horror film, and not totally like a complete short film that unfolds a total narrative with a beginning a middle and an end. “It’s Here!” definitely is not a bad movie, it just could use ten more minutes to allow for establishing what we’re supposed to be afraid of. I think Sinclair Obiora is a very talented director, while the editing by Philip Hedgecock is very sharp. I just wanted more in the end; a lot more.