Evil Ways of Love (1972) (DVD)


This is the story of Andy, a man who was cheated on by his wife. So he got himself a boat called Evil Ways and took to the seas to look for booty. Literal booty of course. While there he comes across a gorgeous blond woman who is keen to his womanizing and helps him invite some partiers to feast lunch meat, and cheap beer while swapping partners. What’s a guy to do? When will Andy stop this hollow existence of sleeping with beautiful women?

“Evil Ways of Love” is explained as being a mysterious film with only a title card, and no opening or closing credits. So I can’t really explain who stars, or what person directed the film, only that it’s a basically tedious hour long effort without much to go on. The narrator explains the hollow life of Andy who hunts women aboard his house boat, and views endlessly monotonous scenes of a woman bathing, a woman spreading deli meat for lunch, and a girl fluffing her partner for another round of sex. As a stag film it’s basic, with your typical boy on girl sex scenes, followed by a ton of terrible narration trying to bring together these aimless scenes to form some sort of narrative.

It doesn’t work, as there’s simply no conflict, and no consequence to Andy’s behavior. So while the narrator describes him as a lost soul who must awaken to love, he’s simply a gigolo sleeping with a ton of gorgeous women on a cool boat. The DVD from Impulse restores the film’s picture quality well, and features twenty three minutes of extras. That’s if you count three shorts from the 42nd Street Forever Peepshow Collection as extras.