42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 10 (DVD)


Vanessa Del Rio is back for the tenth installment of “42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection”; a smattering of reels and loops from the golden age of porn that titillates and arouses in its rare moments. This installment is a hundred minutes of the best shorts from the grindhouse era, starring folks like Del Rio, Jessie St. James and Susan Nero.

As with the previous editions, there are three sets of shorts. One Boy and girl, the second group sex, and the third is girl on girl. The girl on girl prove to be the highlights with fun titles like “Kitchen Kunt” involving two girls using kitchen utensils to help get themselves off. There’s also “Porno Heaven” involving a man and three gorgeous women toppling him every which way. Among the more fun segments there’s “Big Tit Lezzie” and “Big Mama Titties.”

There are fifteen 8mm loops presented, and preserved with much clarity as humanly possible. There’s no sound, only the artificial effect of the projector playing in the background. It adds to the illusion, either way. You can watch the shorts altogether in one lump, or view them individually, and there’s a booklet of liner notes about the 8mm era written by Cinema Sewer publisher Robin Bougie.