42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 9 (DVD)


The “42nd Street Forever” group are at it again with another series of loops that are within the two hour range altogether. They feature an assortment of silent porn shorts from group, girl on girl and girl on boy and garner some of the hottest porn stars of the eighties including Kandi Barbour, Aunt Peg, CJ Laing, and Vanessa Del Rio.

One of the main stars of the disc is the absolutely luscious Vanessa Del Rio, who gets the first outing. She goes in to full force on her partner in two pretty damn good reels that highlight her busomy, curvaceous body. There’s also “Lesbian Tongue” a pretty good girl on girl short where two young women go to town on one another quite intensely, and of course “Voluminous Vamps.” That happens to be my favorite of the bunch, excluding the segments involving Del Rio.

The reel shorts are for the most part preserved for as much posterity as possible, with most of the segments given the reel sound effect in lieu of stock porn music. That is optional, of course, as you can watch the entire compilation in complete silence, as well. “The Peep Show Collection Vol. 9” features fifteen great shorts from the late seventies and mid eighties, and lacks in any kind of narrative, but it’s a worthwhile collector’s item for folks that dig stag films and classic 42nd Street style grindhouse porn.