Five of the Best Christine Cavanaugh Performances


It’s really heartbreaking to learn that a great talent, and a great person passed away. Before the end of 2014, it was announced that Christine Cavanaugh passed away at 51. She retired from acting many years ago, but was known by many nineties children, and animation buffs as the voice of many interesting and peculiar characters that helped create fond memories for many children around the world.

Here are five of our favorite performances from Ms. Cavanaugh, may she rest in peace.

Chuckie Finster (Rugrats)
As Chuckie, Cavanaugh played a nasal and very nervous toddler who often followed the lead of his pack of toddler friends. Chuckie, despite his tendency to be phobic of everything, was also the conscience and good sense of his friends. His over worrying, often gave Tommy, Phil, and Lil a chance to second think their actions and prevent injury. Chuckie was funny, adorable, and Cavanaugh really instilled a sense of charm even when he was stressing over nothing.

Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)
Cavanaugh lent her voice to the hilarious television series “Dexter’s Laboratory,” playing the uptight and megalomaniacal boy genius with his gigantic lab hidden in his bedroom. Dexter is a consistent foil to his big sister Deedee who delights in running amok in his lab, and Dexter is forced to either clean up her mess, or deal with some giant lab accident that sparks an adventure. Dexter, despite his scary ambitions, really is a likable anti-hero, and one that helps fuel the show.

Babe (Babe)
The sensation of 1995, “Babe” was a sweet and funny family drama about a pig who begins to earn his worth and prevent slaughter by learning to herd sheep. “Babe” was whimsical and became one of the most influential films of the decade, and Cavanaugh had the delight of voicing the lovable pig. Her talent for injecting heart and soul in to the underdog hero comes to great use here, paving Babe as one of the more entertaining animal heroes of nineties cinema.

Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard (Darkwing Duck)
Playing the spunky and heroic Gosalyn, Cavanaugh turned the orphaned child in to one of the primary heroes of the famous nineties series about a masked duck superhero. Gosalyn is the adopted daughter of Darkwing’s alter ego Drake, who goes on many adventures with the dark hero, and challenges every adventure with her catchphrase “Keen Gear!”

Mona Tibbs (Salute Your Shorts)
Cavanaugh gave a rare appearance in the flesh during her days on Nickelodeon playing the park ranger girlfriend of “Salute your Shorts” camp counselor Ug. The live action teen comedy was made so much better with repeated appearances by Cavanaugh as Mona Tibbs, Ug’s very patient girlfriend trying to progress her relationship with him. It’s a fun series of guest spots from the voice of Nickelodeon in the nineties.