Top 10 Greatest Zombies Part Two


We cap off Halloween Horror Month 2014 by celebrating Day of the Dead with “The Top 10 Greatest Zombies” Part Two. Felix Vasquez Jr. offers his top five Zombie Slayers to take on the nasty horde of the sometimes evil, sometimes misunderstood walkers.

Zeke and Julie
5. Zeke and Julie (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)
Little is known about Zeke and Julie, other than they’re apparent horror movie geeks and can kick ass with the best of them. Zeke with his 3D glasses, and Julie with her kicking hat proves to be a match for pure evil when they threaten to destroy their world. From killer dolls, to chainsaw wielding maniacs, to zombies, they’re a quick and skilled pair of zombie slayers.


5. Bub (George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead)
Ah, yes. You knew I had to include this guy here. Bub is the big catalyst, I feel, in the argument over whether zombies can be more than simple creatures who lust for flesh to devour. He was Romero’s crowning achievement as he showed that here was a zombie that not only learned to behave more like a human again but he also expressed grief and anger. He was a developed character like the humans around him who, rather than feasting on live humans after getting loose, instead chose to track down the man who hurt the person he had grown affection for. Bub was the game changer, because he was a zombie who regained a semblance of humanity and he laid out the groundwork for many future stories of zombies not unlike himself who wanted more than to simply eat people.


4. Magneto (Marvel Zombies)
Magneto lives as a foe for Earth and dies like Rhodes from “Day of the Dead.” After using the infection from the zombies to destroy humanity, he realizes the infection is taking everyone, including his own mutants. As a last means of redeeming himself, Magneto becomes a hero for Earth, helping human survivors fight off the Marvel zombies, and battles until the very end where his insides are gnawed on.


4. Gwen Dylan (Vertigo’s iZombie)
Here we have another great example of taking the zombie formula and making it something unique, as Chris Roberson and Michael Allred bring us Gwen, an undead lady who must eat a brain once a month to retain her humanity. She takes on the job of a gravedigger and when she devours the brains she also takes on elements of the person who the brain was originally from. During her series she dealt with a great many things and really stands out as one of the best examples of a strong female character in comics today. She’s also one of the few unique female zombies I can think of off the top of my head. She’s getting her own television adaption pretty soon, so here’s hoping we see a lot more of Gwen.


3. Andrea (The Walking Dead)
Andrea from Robert Kirkman’s comic is an ace sniper, a trusted ally, and one who simply will not go down. She is nearly murdered by a child serial killer and comes out with only a scar, she crashes a car and only comes out slightly scathed, and survives a vicious attack on a clock tower. Andrea is that everyday yuppy who becomes a sheer survivor of the zombie wasteland who manages to out shine almost everyone she’s ever come across. She knows what it takes to live, and she wields the sniper rifle like DaVinci wielded the paint brush.


3. Simon Garth (Marvel Comics’ Zombie)
In comics, there is no more iconic a zombie than good old Simon Garth. Orginally his orgins were firmly in the voodoo realm, as he was a reanimated corpse who retained a vestige of his soul and often acted heroically as a result. One thing he didn’t do though was speak, which makes him that much more threatening. Several years back he saw a short a revival in the MAX line of comics where he was given a more Romero-esque origin, being aman who was infected with a zombie plague. But, much like his classic depiction, Simon held onto his sense of self to an extent and acted the hero, helping a young mother and daughter survive the nightamrish situation they’ve found themselves in.


2. Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)
Rick Grimes is a Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot down during a police stand off, fell in to a coma, and awoke to the zombie apocalypse. In all that time, he found his wife and son, had to off his best friend, helped form many survivor camps and groups, fought off vicious monsters like the Governor, and the Hunters, and so much more that I’m not at liberty to divulge for folks still not caught up with the Comics or Television series. Regardless, Grimes knows what it takes to survive and has had to break his own moral code to ensure the survival of those he loves time and time again. He’s a warrior who can walk in to hell and come out barely scathed.


2. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th Parts VI – X)
I can feel some of you out there staring dumbfoundedly, as you’ve never really thought of Jason as a zombie before. But honestly, that’s what he is. He’s a reanimated corpse who continues doing what he did prior to his death at the hands a the troubled Tommy Jarvis. Jason is honestly one of my all-time favourite characters in general. Sure, he’s a killer, but he’s also a rather sympathetic figure when you really examine him. He grew up alone after barely surviving drowning in Crystal Lake and didn’t see his mother again until many years later, after he’d grown to adulthood, when he saw a girl lob her head off. That’d screw you up pretty badly. So, as a result of his past treament coupled with seeing a teenager kill his mother, he has very low opinion of teenagers and summarily takes it upon himself to put down any of them who wander into his percieved area. I’ve always believed his main motivation was to save other kids like him from having to suffer as he did, so I quite like Jason in that regard. Also, he’s just really fun to watch tear through whatever gets in his way.


1. Ash (Evil Dead, II, Army of Darkness)
Ashley Williams works for S-Mart. Housewares. And has battle soul consuming demons, winged demons, and his own evil double. With his shotgun he calls his boom stick, and his hand held chainsaw, he thwarts all kinds of threats, including Deadites. They’re part zombies, part demons, even though they’re not quite a zombie, nor a demon. Ash may have an ego and be kind of a douche, but you’ll need him when the dead begin creeping up on you.


1. The Tarman (The Return of the Living Dead)
Arguably the most famous zombie in existence, the Tarman sums up what a lot of people think of when they picture zombies. He’s other-worldy and rather horrifying, but then he has something even more creepy about him when you consider that he’s self-aware. When you see him speak, you feel a sense of dread immediately because you know this isn’t some stupid thing that can be put down easily, this is a thinking creature who wants your brains. Seeing him often has the effect of leaving his victims in shock, giving him time to attack. Not much is known regarding his past but as a zombie he is incredibly threatening and resourceful, utilizing tools such as chains and pulleys to get at his prey. Truly, he’s the zombie to avoid.