Five More Underrated Horror Heroines


In 2012 we listed ten of our favorite Horror Heroines that we consider underrated. This year we thought we’d list five more very underrated horror heroines that risked life and limb for their family, or for a cause battling against a monster, demon, or some kind of alien. They’re gorgeous, strong, and prove you can be the final girl in a horror movie and not be at the mercy of pure evil. It’s really tough to find female characters in horror that are heroic and not just final girls. There’s a ton of final girls, but not many heroines, however we were able to find five we loved that also were conveniently enough, heroines until the very end.


Meg Penny, The Blob 1988
Meg Penny is mostly a side character for the duration of “The Blob” and suddenly the narrative shifts to her and her efforts to stop the blob. Events spiral out of control though when the blob is loose in town and she sets out to find her little brother, who is attending a bad horror movie. They manage to find one another in the midst of an attack by the Blob, and Meg spends the rest of the movie intent on saving her little brother, even at the cost of her own personal safety.


Alice Johnson, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
While many fans may choose Nancy as their favorite “Nightmare” warrior, I’m a big fan of Alice. She’s given the power to travel through dreams and bring people in to her dreams by Kristen from “Dream Warriors,” after she suffers a horrible death by Krueger. Alice is a woman who wields amazing power, and spends most of “Dream Master” trying to figure out how to master them, as Krueger exploits her ability to kill her friends. With Kristin’s powers and gymnastics skills, and the talents from her friends to wage war on Krueger, including her brothers’ martial arts talent. In “Dream Child” she then becomes a heroic mother who has to fight for the soul of her unborn son from Freddy. She’s one of the strongest and more courageous “Nightmare” heroines who decides to fight back when he victimizes her.


Tiffany, Hellraiser II: Hellbound
Tiffany is one of my favorite heroes of the “Hellraiser” series and really poses a threat for the Cenobites, mainly for her ability to solve puzzles with such ease. I’m saddened she never appeared in future movies and has since been unmentioned by horror fans alike. Tiffany is such an interesting and extraordinary character whose own puzzle solving skills becomes an asset to the villains of the movie that need her. She becomes their best tool to their worst enemy over the course of the film, and it stinks the series never implemented her to her full potential. Especially with the shift in characters during part three.


Cynthia Cronenberg, Night of the Creeps
It takes Cynthia only a few minutes to really process what is happening around her and then snap in to action to kick ass. Unaware of the horror ensuing involving aliens slugs and zombies, she’s saved at the last minute by Chris who hands her a flame thrower and begs for her help. Only when the onslaught of the walking dead gather around them does she really understand that there’s no room for a damsel in this horrifying attack. Cronenberg is quick with the flame thrower and really fends off the walking dead with enough quick thinking and mercilessness to help her and Chris win the night. For now.


Megan Garris, Jason Lives
Megan is the rebellious daughter of the local Sheriff for Crystal Lake who somehow seems to believe Tommy Jarvis is misunderstood. At first it’s mere flirtation and then it becomes a battle for life and death as her friends begin dying around her. Megan makes many bold heroic moves, including saving Tommy, helping him lure Jason, and attempting to save the kids in the camp when Jason breaks in to their bunks. Megan is a worthwhile heroine, who is also one of the most attractive final girls of the series.