Five Great Chris Evans Performances


Chris Evans is a charismatic and really entertaining actor whose really managed to elevate himself as a valuable on-screen presence since he burst on to the scene years ago. He can be funny, empathetic, and dramatic, and he seems to have a good sense of humor about himself. Whether it’s playing third banana in “Cellular’ or goofy hunk in “Not Another Teen Movie,” Evans is never boring, and continues to grow as an actor with every film. He proved it with flying colors in “Snowpiercer.” Here are five great performances from Chris Evans.

5. Fantastic Four (2005)
Say what you want about Tim Story’s woefully ill conceived adaptations, but Chris Evans is the ideal Johnny Storm. Storm is a hot headed braggart who loves to give his friend Ben Grimm a hard time. And he’s also the only one in the team who has a damn good time with his superpowers and rarely bitches. Even when he loses to Silver Surfer, and his sentient nimbus. Evans is a sole highlight to the “Fantastic Four” films, and is the only one on the cast given a chance to have fun with the character.

4. Captain America Movie Series
After Johnny Storm I had almost no confidence in Evans as a serious and iconic superhero like Captain America and Steve Rogers, but lo and behold he proves me wrong. With the help of wonderful special effects, Evans embodies the enthusiastic patriotism of a weak Steve Rogers, and the gallant heroism of the super soldier Captain America. He carried that right in to “The Avengers” where he made us believe he could lead a giant green monster, and a man in a state of the art super suit in to combat, and win.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)
Though really just a glorified walk on role, Chris Evans as evil Ex Lucas Lee, steals “Scott Pilgrim” away from even Edgar Wright. Almost a satire of Evans himself, the actor plays the goofy, self serious, blockbuster Hollywood hunk who challenges Scott Pilgrim for the heart of Ramona Flowers. Given a great slew of lines, and playing the role with an over confidence in the vein of William Shatner, Evans is hilarious and one of the best moments of a near flawless film.

2. Sunshine (2007)
As Mace, Evans plays a determined and often sacrificial crew member who is in constant conflict with Cillian Murphy’s character Robert Capa. Their interplay makes up some of the best moments of a brutally intense science fiction film, and Evans keeps Mace consistently empathetic and heroic right until his horrible freezing death at the cost of helping the crew battle the maniacal Pinbacker.

1. Snowpiercer (2014)
As Curtis, one of the few survivors of an ice age on Earth stranded on a running train to nowhere, Evans is great as anti-hero Curtis. Thrust in to an extraordinary situation and incredible rebellion, Curtis is only the leader because he is more motivated than any of his cohorts to control the mythical train that keeps Earth’s survivors alive. He doesn’t want to be liked, or even followed but lo and behold, he has to endure being a leader. He also has to endure loss all for the greater good, and reveals a lot about himself. He’s just a man who wants to change his own living conditions and ends up changing the world. Evans’ portrayal is gripping, engrossing, and absolutely tragic.

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