Same Time Every Year (1981) (DVD)


Goofy, albeit erotic, “Same Time Every Year” is one of the more tightly directed and entertaining smut films from the late seventies, that would help usher in the eighties porn wave. It’s not really a movie so much as it is hardcore porn, but it definitely has its charms. Besides the gorgeous women and well edited sex scenes, “Same Time Every Year” is delightfully funny at times. Whether it’s intentional or not, I’m not sure, but some scenes were just too unusual to take as erotic.

Though Lee Carroll is insanely sexy, her goofy dance seduction for her lover to disco music, in a shimmery dress made me chuckle. There’s also a few scenes where women take out their sexual aggression on the unlikeliest objects. One girl nearly fondles her horse before riding off with her gal pal for a girl on girl love session, and a young wife engages in a very sexually suggestive dinner session with her butler. It’s not often you see a man lick at donut cream so anxiously. Like most films of its ilk, “Same Time Every Year” is slim on plot but its set up is fun. A bunch of wealthy husbands go away every year for a convention, which is just an excuse for them to get away from work and their wives.

Their wives are bomb shells, so it’s bit surprising. I guess you can’t please everyone. In either case, the wives all know that the convention is just a lame ploy to get away, so the wives partake in their own various sexual escapades before their husbands finish their own trip. Ron Jeremy has a small role as the chauffeur for the husbands who is lucky enough to pick up a jogger (insanely hot Holly McCall) that leads in to a hot tub ménage à trois (with China Leigh, no less). “Same Time Every Year” holds up quite well with really sexy women having their own getaways. The DVD is barebones but it’s a small caveat in a very entertaining bit of hardcore entertainment.