Throw Batman At It.


Warner Bros. has yet to capture the cinematic success of the Marvel movies with any of its properties other than Batman. And that’s because Batman is so close to being a Marvel character that if he killed people he’d be one.

All the WB knows how to do is Batman, which is why they’ve decided to throw him at the already ailing new Superman franchise to forgo the trouble of rebooting yet again, in a shamelessly blatant attempt to repackage the classic Frank Miller penned The Dark Knight Returns (a book which pretty much laid the foundation for the modern portrayal of Batman) and distract detractors of Man of Steel.

EVERYONE was bitching about the end of Man of Steel.

Spoiler Alert, he kills Zod for the crime of goofy facial hair. Zod specifically stated he would not stop killing people if Superman let him live, so Superman made a questionable decision, one that will probably haunt him forever – and could perhaps cause him to value and desire to protect life even more.

But there was uproar over this.

To me this reeks of the impleasability (new word) of the fans. They said that Superman is a boy scout, that he’s too goody goody. So the powers that be set him up with a darker interpretation, and had him take a reasonable approach to a difficult choice and the fans complained that he was too dark and shouldn’t be anything less than a beacon for boring hope and truth. “That’s not MY Superman!” they crowed. No. It’s not. But it could have been someone else’s.

But fuck them, right? They don’t understand the character like YOU do.


The WB knew the only surefire way to get the goodwill back was to throw Batman at the problem. So now we have “Batman 8: Man of Steel 2 with a Dark Knight” deliberately designed to remind you of a past, presumably better incarnation of the character. They make a curious casting decision to throw you for a tizzy – still talking more about Batman than Superman and this is allegedly a Superman sequel.

The WB and DC have become ridiculously dependent on Batman. A new Batman comic debuts weekly while all manner of diverse titles get canceled. Batman may be ultra-prepared, but he also has the ability to be all over the fucking place at once. DC has been plugging holes with Batman for a while, so it makes sense that they’d do the same thing with the movies.