Spineless Classics: Robert Bloch’s “Psycho”

PsychoIf you ever wanted to own your favorite books, or perhaps classic books but didn’t have the shelf space, Spineless Classics has you covered. They’ve managed to compile entire books on to one giant poster with the text from said book transformed in to a piece of art. Though the concept sounds unusual, it’s actually a very genius and entertaining idea that will surely bring in literary buffs that want some wall decoration, but lack the space for novels.

Spineless Classics are offering up a slew of literary works from Non-fiction/Science titles like “The Origin of Species,” to greats like “Beowulf,” and “Dracula.” There’s even a slew of children’s favorites like “Black Beauty,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” There’s “The Complete William Shakespeare” posters, as well as posters for the religious portion of consumers, including “The New Testament,” or “The King James Bible.”Spineless Classics was kind enough to send us author Robert Bloch’s “Psycho” with the one sheet depicting the novel in the form of a spectacular art piece.

The poster itself features the iconic moment in the novel where Marion is showering, along with a shadow of the infamous knife looming over her prepared to murder her violently. The poster features the entire novel from author Robert Bloch that was very quickly turned in to the Alfred Hitchcock horror movie masterpiece. Spineless Classics also includes a small magnifying device that allows you to read the entire poster with larger text. One of the more interesting aspects of the Spineless Classics product is that it allows you to read through the novels while presenting the illusion that you’re not reading too much text.

For folks that view reading novels as a large task (I don’t know why, since I love to read), the Spineless Classics will definitely suck in the most cynical, and allow customers to re-read their favorite books over and over again. All the while presenting a truly brilliant piece of minimalist art work. At the moment, Spineless Classics are building their library more and more, and customers are allowed to purchase their posters framed or rolled up. The library is very diverse, and considerably pricey, but it’s a wonderful treat for the literature lover in your life, if you’re planning on a unique birthday or holiday gift this year.