WWE: Raw 20th Anniversary Collection – The 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut & Unedited (DVD)

What with WWE celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their flagship series “Raw” this year, the company that gave us Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant offers fans the chance to revisit twenty years of the show. Rather than all of the episode from every show since 1993, WWE compiles twenty of the “best” episodes from “Raw” that fans may just enjoy re-visiting in all of their uncut and un-edited glory.

The twenty episodes allow for over sixteen hours of wrestling entertainment, with various features for cherry picking fans. You can watch interviews, certain championship matches, and even watch some of the famous WWE talk shows, including Piper’s Pit. Among the key episodes, there’s RAW 17 with matches featuring Razor Ramon, Tatanka, Yokozuna, and an interview with Shawn Michaels, to name a few. RAW 174 offers fights featuring Sycho Sid and Triple H, Stone Cold, and championship matches with Goldust, and zooms right in to 1997’s RAW 198 with the ECW Invasion, with fights featuring The Legion of Doom against the Headbangers, The Undertaker and Faarooq, an arm wrestling match featuring Sunny and Marlena, plus an interview with Ken Shamrock.

RAW 1999 and RAW 219 garner some pretty hefty foreshadowing to the Hart tragedies, with Bret Hart fighting Vince McMahon, and the Hart Foundation battling Stone Cold, Dude Love, and The Undertaker. Among the highlighted episodes are the Stunner to McMahon in RAW 226, Dude Love Interrupts Austin/McMahon in RAW 255, the Mankind Championship win in RAW 293, the “Beer Truck” RAW before Wrestlemania in RAW 304, RAW 311 from 1999 touted as the highest rated RAW of all time.

There’s also RAW 409 featuring the RAW and Nitro Simulcast, RAW 548 from 2003 featuring the RAW Roulette, the RAW Homeciming in RAW 645, and the RAW 15th Anniversary episode from 2007. There’s the King of the Ring Tournament from RAW 778, The 3 For All, and RAW Sold to Trump RAW 838 episode, the RAW 860 episode in Madison Square Garden, the Stone Cold hosted Wrestlemania Rewind from 2010, the RAW Roulette Pipebomb episode from 2011, and the RAW After Wrestlemania from 2012. With 12 DVD’s (and 10 Blu-Rays), this set is clearly for the love of WWE and dodges all of the controversy set around the sport. It’s a neat gift for the WWE fan boy or fan girl.

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