Kenny Rogers: Keep Christmas With You (DVD)

This hour long special I fondly recall sleeping through in the nineties thanks to a country music obsessed mom, is now available in all of its uncut glory. Truth be told, time has been kind to this special, and tapping Kenny Rogers’ popularity in the decade, we get to see him have a ball with a group of kids.

Assembling a group of very wide eyed young kids that audition for an upcoming Christmas concert, he takes part in many Christmas past times with them, all the while performing with his own cadre of guest stars. The kids probably don’t know who Rogers is, but he seems to have a good time humoring them and being folksy. From picking out a tree, decorating a tree, and singing Christmas carols, Rogers really goes to town with this holiday one shot. His friends and guest stars randomly appear to join in on the fun, and it’s a really interesting gallery of big nineties stars.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood join Rogers to sing “The Old Man’s Back in Town,” while Boyz II Men take part in two musical numbers, one with Rogers. Garth Brooks even manages to get his own solo with “White Christmas,” while the kids also have their chance to sing some songs and flex their pipes. Rogers seems very enthusiastic about the holidays, and he offers his fans a trip through his own version of a great Christmas. He ends the show on my favorite Christmas song “O Holy Night” with his young choir in the background. This is a fun and nostalgic gem for Country music fans, and is now available from Mill Creek.

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