Zombies Un-Brained 12 Film Flesh Fest (DVD)


This October, zombie fans are able to scoop up the newest film compilation from Mill Creek Entertainment. With over sixteen hours of classic and not so classic zombie movies, this is for the horror fans looking for more with their bucks. The 1962 shocker “Carnival of Souls” is a classic spook fest, about a young woman who crashes in to a lake and survives to tell the tale. Trying to make sense of the incident, she finds herself being stalked by pale bug eyed zombies, all of whom are identical and desperate to take her. For reasons unknown (until the very end), she can’t escape their grasp.

1943’s “Dead Men Walk” is a Dwight Frye zombie vehicle about a sorcerer and a vampire that comes back for revenge. 1974’s “Horror of the Zombies” stars Barbara Rey and Jack Taylor about a group aboard a yacht searching for a missing woman that happen upon a deserted sea vessel containing the undead knights of templar. 1973’s “House of the Living Dead” is about a cannibalistic killer on a plantation murdering animals who soon begins murdering humans and eating them. 1941’s “King of the Zombies” is a classic stereotypical zombie fest about a group that find themselves on an island surrounded by voodoo fueled zombies. 1960’s “The Last Man on Earth” is a classic loosely based on “I Am Legend” about a man who survives a plague that turns its victims in to the walking dead.

Struggling to stay sane, he fends off the zombies at night, and struggles to figure out a cure by day. Predating “Night of the Living Dead,” this is said to be one of its main influences. 1984’s “Mutant” stars Wing Hauser in a fight against a horde of mutant zombies that begin seeping in to a small town when a chemical plant begins infecting locals with toxic waste. 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead” is the George Romero zombie masterpiece about a group of strangers fending off against the walking cannibalistic undead in an abandoned farmhouse as the world crashes down all around them. Little needs to be said about this classic. It’s just in a league of its own.

1981’s “Oasis of the Zombies” centers on the orphaned son of an allied soldier who goes on an adventure to discover Nazi zombies lurking about. 1968’s “The Snake People” stars Boris Karloff and centers on a village that becomes food for blue faced snake like zombies that begin having the villagers for dinner. 1959’s “Teenage Zombies” centers on a group of teenagers stranded on an island and begin getting experimented on by a mad scientist. Finally, 1932’s “White Zombie” is a classic horror film starring Bela Lugosi as a rich man named Charles who plans to steal a woman away with the help of a zombie master who uses zombie soldiers, and possession to steal her from her husband.

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