Girls and Corpses Volume #7 “Nuclear” Summer [Magazine]


For fans of gore and horror, the number one necrophilia/horror magazine is back with their nuclear summer issue. Celebrating the end of the world, the magazine is still strictly for folks with a strong stomach and not for the faint of heart. After a very good letter from magazine founder Robert Rhine about the nuclear apocalypse, there’s an interview with GWAR founder Oderus Urungus about the band’s history, his association with horror director Adam Green, and the group’s newest album. “Talkin’ Street Trash” is a great interview with writer and producer Roy Frumkes, who discusses his dark horror comedy “Street Trash,” which has just been granted a brand spanking new edition on Blu-Ray this year. Frumkes speaks of his experience with special effects, his history with “Street Trash,” his days as a zombie on “Dawn of the Dead,” and various other projects.

There’s an especially graphic interview with Rob Depew, an expert restoration artist, who takes human remains and is tasked with restoring their faces for investigations and horrific murders. It’s an insight in to an often unspoken of profession with an emotionally taxing life. Writer Weylen Wegner reviews the polarizing 2013 indie horror film “The ABC’s of Death” and gives the film a rave review, in spite of its often alienating segments. My favorite feature is the interview with Shawna Kenney, a retired Dominatrix, who just released a memoir of her much hidden years as a dominatrix. Just picked up as a series, Ms. Kenney discusses brief snippets of her time as a Domme, giving anecdotes about a client who collected her used tampons as tea stirrers, and a client that loved being used as a toilet for his domme’s excrement. Ms. Kenney mostly writes off her past as a domme, and recalls much of her experiences with shock and disgust.

Including watching her mentor stick twelve ice cubes up a client’s rectum. It’s a great interview for what seems like a fascinating book. “High School Fallout” is a great extensive look in to the production of Troma’s two chapter re-visit to Nuke ‘Em High, along with a great photo spread. Porn star Rikki Six takes part in an excellent photo spread with corpse male Nuke Rotney; there’s also a great pull out poster for fans. “Black Market Body Parts” is a veritable list of your kidneys and how much they can go for on the black market, or to be sold in general. “Spare Parts” is a deviously demented comic strip about a mortician whose wife divorced him, who begins collecting the parts of corpses and building a “collection.” “El Vampire Mujer De Mexico” is a glimpse in to the life of vampire obsessed Mexican attraction Maria Jose Christerna, an altered vampire aficionado known as the “Mexican Vampire Woman.” There’s also a spread featuring the “Corpses of the Month” a picture gallery of various models.

“Oh the Horror… of Holliston” is a look inside the hit horror sitcom “Holliston,” the FEARnet series based on the life of indie horror filmmaker Adam Green and his efforts to break in to filmmaking. “The Chop Shop” is a gruesome and erotic spread of the “Girls & Corpses” models wreaking havoc on a poor sap in a barbershop. “Medical Penile Horror” is not for the faint of heart, presenting a list of various penile dysfunctions and abnormalities with delightfully disturbing picture examples for the reader. “100 Skulls – The Skull Exhibit” is a gallery of skull art from tatoo artist and model Kat Von D’s gallery. Finally there’s “Apocalyptic Game Reviews,” written critiques of the latest and most popular video games centered on the apocalypse, and the future. “Girls and Corpses” is as gruesome and grotesque as ever. Hop on board and subscribe today if you have the balls.