5 Shows We're Not Afraid to Admit We're Nerdy About

TMNTI often get the “Really? You like this?!” response whenever I speak about my enjoyment for Disney shows. You know what? Some people watch reality shows to pass the time, I watch Disney sitcoms and cartoons to escape from reality, and it offers some genuinely good laughs and entertainment. You’re only as old as you feel, and I am very experimental when it comes to kids’ shows. They’re not always winners, but when I hit one that entertains me, I tune in regularly. These are five we love without shame.

 TMNT2Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Reminds Me Of:
What else? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Re-invention from Nickelodeon has proven to work on so many levels. It’s ridiculous how fun and exciting this series is. The animation works for the writing, the voice cast is excellent with folks like Jason Biggs, Sean Astin, and the lovel Mae Whitman playing April O’Neill. There’s a hefty mixture of drama, action, and comedy, the turtles are re-invented without losing touch on why they were so popular in the eighties, and there is a wonderful new look for key characters. Splinter looks different, April is younger, and the upcoming appearance of Casey Jones promises to rock the socks off of fans invested in the series. I can’t wait.


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Bionic Six

Why We Like It:
The show feels like a series Nickelodeon would have aired in their heyday of the nineties. A young boy named Leo’s mom just married a millionaire tech wizard named Donald Davenport. After exploring his new state of the art home, he discovers three teenagers living in the lab below the house that happen be bionic super powered humans. They befriend Leo, and Donald allows them to live lives beyond their lab home. The show is constantly funny, with action that’s exciting and very PG rated. When the show is funny, it’s laugh out loud funny, and when it’s action packed it really does offer a good science fiction jolt for its intended audience. Hal Sparks is hysterical as eccentric Donald Davenport while the team of BIlly Unger, Kelli Bergland, Spencer Boldman and Tyrel Jackson is unbeatable. It’s a constant good time for anyone who appreciates science fiction and action.

crash-and-bernsteinCrash and Bernstein

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Why We Like It:
A young boy named Wyatt lives with three sisters and a single mom and is desperate for a little brother. Wyatt is given a toy for his birthday named Crash, who just happens to walk, talk, and act like a human They form a friendship as Crash learns about stuff like saving money, going to school, and battling bullies, all the while wreaking havoc with his friend Wyatt. The show is constantly wacky and garners some pretty excellent puppetry a la wires, green screen, and traditional movement a la “Sesame Street.” Crash feels like an actual character and often times his handling of normal situations provides some hilarious moments of carnage and havoc. From Crash asking an iphone so many questions the operator actually tracks him down to hurt him, to Crash being kidnapped by the school bully and annoying him so much the bully begs Wyattt to take Crash back by the end of the episode. It’s a source of great laughs, and what boy wouldn’t want a friend like Crash?


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Charles in Charge

From the same creators who fueled hit shows like “Charles in Charge,” and “The Nanny,” this third outing stars the gorgeous Debby Ryan as a Texas girl who travels to New York in search of an acting career. When she stumbles across a young girl in search of a new nanny, Jessie takes the job, only to find out she’s only one of four rowdy and rambunctious kids. What makes this series so unique is that Jessie takes the job as nanny for two rich Hollywood performers and their kids happen to be pre-dominantly adopted. Save for the oldest daughter Emma, Jessie’s charges are three adopted children, all of whom provide diversity and flavor to a show that could have easily been bland. The child actors are shockingly great, and the show ranges from sweet to wacky quite often. Debby Ryan is like a modern Mary Poppins who keeps her kids in line with tales of her ex boyfriends and her military background from when she grew up on a military base. “Jessie” is a must watch, most weeks.

Shake-It-Up-Holiday-EpisodeShake It Up! 

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Two girls trying out for their city’s big dance and music show. That’s the basic premise for John Waters’ masterpiece, and for the eighties yawn fest “Girls just Want to Have Fun.” Sure, the show is another of Disney’s “being famous means everything” shows, but the series garner some laughs and rather great dance numbers, packing excellent choreography. To boot, its two stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya are very talented, wonderful dancers, and have great comic timing. These are two actors I hope make it past Disney to become huge stars, soon. Sure it panders to young audiences, but it’s a very funny and often witty sitcom about coming of age, and growing up. Hell, I dig it.