Bada$$ Mothaf**kas (2013)

badass-mothafuckasOh, Marilyn Joi. You truly are a babe. I may begin looking for your films just to bask in your curvaceous glory. That said, “Bada$$ Mothaf**kas” is the newest trailer compilation from Full Moon Entertainment, the sub-genre for this fun series is blaxploitation. To host the fun, they turned to the man, the myth, the legend: Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. He doesn’t just have a good time hosting this compilation, but is damn funny.

Especially when he forces a white writer on the compilation to say the N word, and beats him up when he purposely mispronounces it. Of course, Fred Williamson was a prominent star in the wide range of Blaxploitation films, and one of their most charismatic action performers, so it’s only natural he host this fun gallery of trailers that range from “Boss Nigger” to “Blacula.” One thing that annoyed me about this particular compilation is that some trailers featured the swear words blanked out, while others indulged in full on swearing.

It’s confusing when a trailer is bleeping out the F Bombs while showing a busty woman without clothes on getting sexed up by Rudy Ray Moore. It’s ridiculous in a sense. That said, this is a primo compilation for folks in to the Blaxploitation sub-genre, and garners full trailers to some of the most unique films from folks like Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown, the goddess Pam Grier, and Williamson. Don’t fuck with Williamson. “Bada$$ Mothaf**kas” is one of the more entertaining Full Moon greatest hits collection, and it’s definitely a funky bit of nostalgia.