Nihilism (2013)

Ah the crises of faith. Everyone has it at some point. “Nihilism” deals with the crisis of faith and one woman questioning her world and the deity she prays to. One thing I could never understand is the title. Is it nihilistic to question one’s faith? Is it nihilistic to doubt their beliefs?

“Nihilism” is a focused and very unique short film that’s a balance between experimental and existential. Speaking as an atheist who once spent years looking for religion that suited him, “Nihilism” is definitely a relevant and immensely provocative short that will strike a chord with people looking for answers. Sometimes people ask many questions and find that there simply aren’t simple answers. Especially any that can be summed up by a God or gods. “Nihilism” from director Christopher DiNunzio is a well crafted and fascinating experimental short film that should really be seen by folks looking for some form of verification in a world they just don’t understand.

Overally, I would have loved a little more exposition toward our main character, but the performance from¬†Aurora Grabill is solid and very memorable. “Nihilism” posits the idea that sometimes people look for reasons to continue believing in their religion, and sometimes people choose a path without organized religions or belief. Both are harrowing prospects, in the end. I look forward to it making the rounds for folks to interpret and discuss.