Murgi Keno Mutant (Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens!) (2011)

It’s always nice when animators aren’t always interested in appealing to the whimsical and fantastical elements of animation. Sometimes, animators want to be bizarre, and “Murgi Keno Mutant” is about as bizarre as it gets. Even the animation recalls the work of Ralph Bakshi at certain points. In the near future, food is in short supply and the only meat available come from giant mutant chickens, which they survive on.

They roam the land wreaking havoc, and eating humans and have laid waste to landmarks across the world. A group of chefs from Bangladesh have formed a mod squad of kung fu fighting armed cooks, all of whom go out and battle the giant chickens. Armed with robotic limbs, shot guns, and knives, the chefs slay the chickens and bring them home to eat for their families. When one chicken survives a massive slaughter, it vows vengeance against the team and limps to recovery.

Growing large, and gaining strength, it mates with another female chicken to re-populate and they assault the team of chefs with a vengeance. This time the team are outnumbered and the chickens may just gain the upper hand. There isn’t much to “Murgi Keno Mutant” in the plot arena, but it does offer a wild and unique premise that makes use of the apocalyptic setting. Who’d ever think giant chickens would be sufficient fodder for such a fun animated short film? The chickens are rather entertaining foes, and director Nayeem Mahbub’s concept is rife with potential for more story and a follow-up. Surely, they must get tired of chicken after a while.