Bloodrayne: The Third Reich (2010)

Bloodrayne-3-Pic-1What is Uwe Boll’s obsession with the holocaust? First he sets this new “Bloodrayne” snore fest in the holocaust and has the gall to try for his own Holocaust documentary. This from the man who created “Blubberella.” In any consolation Natassia Malthe is still very sexy as Rayne and has the same charisma as the former Rayne Kristanna Loken, never missing a beat. Rayne still looks like a hardcore cosplayer lost in a time warp, though. So in the midst of soldiers and World War II, she looks incredibly out of place. Where does she get all of that leather?

Boll wisely pairs her with the often entertaining character actor Brendan Fletcher who plays off of Rayne as a rebel and ally in the war against the Nazis. The promiscuous and sexy dhamphir is now fighting against the nazis and helps to infiltrate a Nazi caravan. In the midst of biting a Nazi officer, the officer is left for dead by Rayne and her army. Rather than bleed to death he transforms not only in to a vampire, but a brand new breed of vampire that is invulnerable to day light because… that’s how stuff works. Though the Nazis were known for delving in to the supernatural, they’re wholly unaware of vampires and Rayne’s efforts to stop the movement across the world.

The new vampire turns to a Nazi doctor named Mangler (Would that be of Russian descent?) as played by Clint Howard who I’m presuming attempts to mimic Peter Lorre as a genius doctor intent on discovering how to use the vampires in the Nazi effort. As the day walker vampire Nazi tries to figure out why he’s alive and what he is (cue many monologues of whining), Mangler is intent on using the vampire blood to turn Hitler in to a vampire day walker making him immortal. Not exactly the most original premise. Hell, it’s incredibly derivative since “The Last Crusade” is basically about Hitler attempting immortality, except it’s slightly tweaked for the horror genre.

Once Nazi vampire gets over the fact that he’s a vampire, he begins to utilize this tool against the freedom fighters, infiltrating bases, slaughtering soldiers, and turning loved ones of the principal characters in to his own minions. Meanwhile Rayne has a very brief and bland girl on girl sex scene, and during the final battle has sex with Fletcher’s character in the cold train probably used to transport thousands of suffering Jewish prisoners to concentration camps. But hey, Rayne shows her boobs, so who cares?

“The Third Reich” doesn’t really have anything more complex beyond that simple motivation. Bad guy is on a rampage, Rayne and co. try to stop him from turning the world, and Mangler is trying to capture Rayne for her blood. “The Third Reich” is honestly not the worst Uwe Boll movie ever made, but it’s just a lifeless follow-up to a growing trashy series, and one that wastes what could be the sexiest super heroine of all time. The director of “Blubberella” seems to go through the motions with a third film in his “Bloodrayne” series that lacks the goofy camp and inexplicable surrealism of the first film. It’s worthy of a miss unless you’re a Bloodrayne completist. Are there such things that exist?


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